SAP Cloud for Sales Demo – Outlook Integration: Product Demo

See how SAP Cloud for Sales works with your existing e-mail and calendar applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, so you can work seamlessly in the tools you use everyday. Learn how you SAP Cloud for Sales’ integration with Microsoft Outlook can help you be more productive.

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    • SAP Sales OnDemand: Outlook Integration SAP Sales OnDemand works with your existing e-mail and calendar software, such as Microsoft Outlook. By leveraging the tools you use every day, you can be more productive. I'm Mike Summers, a salesperson. Let me show you how I synchronize my sales information between SAP Sales OnDemand and the Microsoft Outlook application. I simply switch to Outlook and go to my contacts. I can either click "SAP Sales OnDemand Accounts" or "SAP Sales OnDemand Contacts" in the left pane. From this screen I can view all of my accounts and contacts, and get up-to-date information from SAP Sales OnDemand regarding corresponding leads, opportunities, and activities. Since I'm working on a couple of opportunities for the Kixo account, I click on Kixo, and in the SAP Sales OnDemand folder, I can see current information about the progress of my opportunities. I see that my first quarter opportunity with Kixo has moved to a new phase – develop value proposition. Next I go to the feed page, which allows me to see and publish updates and notifications most relevant to my job. I see a post by Phil Hughes, the regional sales representative who is working with me on the Kixo opportunity. He wants me to schedule an internal meeting to review the agenda for our upcoming sales call with the customer. I go back to Outlook where I can schedule a meeting. I write a quick note about the purpose of the meeting and include a proposed agenda for everyone to review. I then click "SAP Sales OnDemand" and "Add Appointment" to associate the appointment with the Kixo account and the first quarter opportunity. This step links the appointment with SAP Sales OnDemand. Any updates regarding this sales activity can now be tracked in Outlook and SAP Sales OnDemand seamlessly. I see the pop-up in the lower right of my screen notifying me that the appointment has been synchronized. Now let's check SAP Sales OnDemand to see if the appointment I just added in Outlook is visible. I see the activity update in the feeds page, informing my sales team that an internal meeting has been scheduled. I drill into the appointment and view the details. Note that the list of participants, the body of my Outlook message, and the proposed agenda is displayed; I don't have to do anything else. Now everyone on my team knows what the next step is and can prepare to discuss the agenda for the upcoming customer meeting. As you have seen, integration of the SAP Sales OnDemand solution with Microsoft Outlook enables you to synchronize your sales activities with your e-mail messages and your calendar. You can efficiently manage and record your sales activities and collaborate with your sales team so you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time selling.
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