SAP Landscape Transformation Software – Speeding Time to Value

Undergoing a merger, handling acquisitions, or restructuring? Learn how to gain extensive value and advantage using SAP Landscape Transformation software, which helps your organization harmonize and consolidate software landscapes and data sources faster than ever before.

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    • SAP Landscape Transformation software: speeding time to value. In a dynamic business environment, companies across the globe are facing transformation. Some are adapting to business change − mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations. Some are streamlining their fundamental processes for finance, supply chain, sales, or HR. And some are harmonizing and consolidating the IT infrastructure that supports their business. Often, their software landscape is fragmented and complex, making them unable to quickly adapt to new and ongoing business requirements. In each case, one thing is true: companies want their transformation to be seamless, simple, and holistic. SAP Landscape Transformation software, and related services, can help make this happen. SAP developed this exciting new software based on our broad experience from thousands of landscape transformation projects. With technology, support for best practices, and innovative methodologies, SAP offers an integrated approach to help you streamline your business and IT transformation. Road maps, predefined accelerators, and analysis and transformation functionalities help ease your way through change. You begin with an up-front analysis that helps you choose the most suitable transformation approach and supports your efforts to gain deep insight into your IT system landscape. Through SAP Solution Manager, you can access the software’s work center, and use road maps, to manage your transformation project efficiently. Rather than opting for a costly and time-consuming Greenfield approach, we help you leverage your existing operating systems directly at the database level. This approach is designed to preserve your historical data, running processes, and your ability to maintain data – and it avoids tedious, error-prone, manual coding. All of these steps help you minimize disruption and maintain business continuity. Companies have already taken advantage of our expertise in landscape transformation – with great success. A beverage company realized significant improvements across its entire value chain by standardizing processes and data on several SAP instances. The company was able to reduce costs and headcount by consolidating functions and standardizing processes in a shared services center. By harmonizing data and standardizing procurement processes, it was able to realize greater economies of scale to reduce purchasing costs and improve forecasting accuracy. By consolidating its spare-parts management system, it was able to reduce its inventory and free cash for other use. Another example is a utility that transformed its sales and distribution business units. By standardizing processes and consolidating its application landscape, the utility reduced its maintenance and support costs and increased the efficiency of its database management and service centers. By consolidating hardware platforms, it reduced depreciation and its hardware maintenance costs. In each case, SAP’s expertise in landscape transformation was instrumental in bringing about the change. The companies were able to meet their strategic business goals and realize tangible benefits. SAP Landscape Transformation software helps you holistically address the challenges associated with business and IT transformation. You start with an assessment that helps you predict the effort, duration, and cost of your initiative. An effective transformation approach, and the application of predefined services, helps you control your budget
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