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Screenshot of SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise software seen on a monitor

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE)

Modernize and accelerate your transaction-based applications on premise and in the cloud.

SAP ASE, our relational database server

Drive faster, more reliable online transaction processing (OLTP) for less with SAP ASE, our relational database management server for SAP Business Technology Platform.

This high-performance SQL database server uses a relational management model to meet rising demand for performance, reliability, and efficiency in every industry.

  • Proven SQL database server for high-performance OLTP
  • Standard relational database management model
  • Reliability and efficiency at a lower total cost of ownership


  • Deploy on premise and on an infrastructure as a service (IaaS)     
  • Deliver high performance and availability to process mission-critical transactions   
  • Provide a proven, flexible SQL database system to reduce risk and increase agility
  • Lower operational costs with a resource-efficient relational database server

See how customers are succeeding with SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

How can optimised databases help solve the transportation challenges of rapid urbanization?

Discover how reducing overhead on production databases enables Q-Free employees to focus on innovation and value-adding work.

Key Capabilities

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Workload optimisation

Simplify operations and reduce costs with workload analyser and workload profiler features for built-in high availability, disaster recovery, and resource optimisation.

Scalability and performance

Scale transactions, data, and users and improve performance with added technology options, such as MemScale and XOLTP.

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