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Accelerate business-to-business communications

Connect your business-to-business ecosystem to unleash new opportunities

In today’s global economy, companies communicate and exchange information with a host of diverse trading and service partners. Given the myriad of messaging exchange protocols used by different businesses, industries, and countries, challenges arise when attempting to streamline such communications for more efficient operations.  

Create an efficient and scalable B2B platform to quickly connect and communicate with your trading partners

Ensure efficient message exchange across your ecosystem for more streamlined information exchanges and faster partner onboarding.

  • Enable seamless information exchange with key trading partners for increased
  • Help ensure faster partner onboarding for accelerated revenue opportunities
  • Automate communication between partners for reduced costs

Why SAP?

Below are suggested solutions from SAP that are key to connecting your B2B ecosystem.


Integration solutions from SAP can allow you to create an efficient, secure, and scalable B2B platform to quickly connect and communicate with your trading partners. 


SAP Integration Suite

  • Automate business processes to improve efficiency and communication between your organisation and your suppliers and partners, so you can work and trade more effectively
  • Rely on a robust integration process management framework to support efficient message exchange across your ecosystem

SAP API Business Hub

  • Prebuilt content, connectors and APIs to accelerate integration and communication between trading partners and suppliers

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway

  • Take advantage of intelligent advisors that can help you structure message definitions and mappings for smooth information exchanges and faster partner onboarding

See how customers are succeeding with SAP Integration Suite

Making it easier for vendors to do business

  • 1 interface and sign-on for 30 brands and 3 lines of business
  • 5,617 more satisfied merchant and supplier users
  • Increased supplier sentiment in doing business with Loblaw

Creating more efficient communications for its port community members

  • 90% cost reduction in data transfer
  • 90% savings in the costs associated with document management
  • 20% increase in revenue

Improving partner information exchange and communications

  • 3-8% savings in indirect purchasing costs
  • 7% effort saved using automation
  • 30% in annual savings on hosting costs

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