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Get your free SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Trial today

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud trial

With the trial, you’ll get free access to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, including:

  • A trial tenant with 128 GB storage and 64 GB memory
  • Up to 90 days free* 
  • Multimedia learning content

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud supports a variety of features that can help you achieve significant business results:

  • End-to-end data warehousing: Consolidate data across your enterprise by fully utilising existing investments, whether through cloud connections and integrations or hybrid scenarios with on-premise systems. 
  • Enable self-service data modelling and analytics: Business users can access and analyse data from any source, SAP or non-SAP, in an intuitive environment that’s fully governed by your IT department.  
  • Democratize your data: Utilise pre-built business content from SAP and partners to speed up time to insight and foster enterprise-wide collaboration for better-informed business decisions. 

If you have a complex data landscape or specific use cases that require extra guidance from SAP, you may be eligible for our dedicated SAP Data Warehouse Cloud trial, which offers additional capabilities and support. Contact your sales representative for more information.

If you have questions regarding SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you can connect to the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Community
here, or ask your question to the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Community here.

*Trial length starts at 30 days. With frequent use, you may extend your trial by up to 90 days.

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