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Know your customers better than your competition can

Integrate and analyse in-house and external data for in-depth, actionable customer insights.

Innovate to beat the competition, integrate to delight the customer.

Use the power of your entire enterprise to make each customer feel like your only customer.

  • Customer experience starts at the core of your company with end-to-end enterprise integration 
  • Fast competitive advantages, with easy application integration and customisation
  • Know your customer at every point in the journey: buying, deliver, payment, return, post-sale

Top 10 ways SAP BTP can enhance the customer experience

Image of the 10 ways SAP BTP can enhance the customer experience

Create a better customer experience with SAP BTP

Combining the power of SAP Customer Experience Solutions with SAP Business Technology Platform can provide real-time insights and data to optimise every customer interaction with your company.

Bring the entire enterprise to your customer

  • ​Create a seamless, unified front to your customers by integrating all departments and processes
  • Customer delivery, inventory, and return data – all in one place

Empower your organisation to conduct analysis

  • Simplify the user experience when it comes to analysis during planning and execution 
  • Get the right offer, to the right person, at the right time with predictive planning

Gain competitive advantage through customisation

  • ​Quickly integrate and enhance business processes, applications, and data across your enterprise
  • Agility, enhanced: Low-code and no-code app development and automation can simplify tasks and processes
  • Connect people, data, and workflows to boost customer engagement and retention

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Find out how our trusted partners can help you meet your organisational and business needs quickly and efficiently with content and solutions built on SAP BTP.

Explore business challenges that can be solved with SAP BTP

Help your IT team realise how they can use SAP BTP to solve business challenges from our vast library of usage scenarios and implementation guides.

Find out what SAP BTP can do for your company

Explore our various solutions for database and data management, analytics, integration, application development, and intelligent technologies.


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