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Solve your specific core HR and payroll needs

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Get a clear picture of core HR in the cloud

Unify employee data with a core HR management system (HRMS). Learn how to manage people effectively for less, while complying with local and global mandates.

Next-generation core HR system (HRIS)

Manage the workforce locally, while supporting the global business. Integrate core HR data to improve insight, strategic decision making, and business performance.

Position core HR as strategic to your organisation

Reimagine the value of your core HR and payroll process administration to the rest of your business. Find out how you can optimise HR technology and processes in the cloud.

Choose your SAP software for core HR and payroll

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

While every organisation wants to simplify HR processes and create a modern workplace that truly engages its employees, managing the complexity of HR in today’s highly diverse, global workforce can be challenging. With our solution, you can optimise HR service delivery while providing personalised experiences that improve every employee’s work-life.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Powerful organisational management
  • Administration of global benefits
  • Global absence management and time tracking

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll

Managing the complexity of local payrolls and standardising payroll processes for a global workforce isn’t always easy. Our solution provides a combination of proven technology, embedded localisation, and service delivery that represents the next generation of payroll process automation.

  • Cloud deployment 
  • Global payroll processing
  • Enterprise-grade payroll functionality
  • Reporting, compliance, and auditing capabilities
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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center

Because employees expect HR experiences to be in-line with what they’re used to in their personal lives, information must be personalised, contextual, and easily accessible. Our solution provides employees immediate access to their information through the HR help desk system where and when they need it – through their preferred communication channel.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Knowledge base integration
  • HR ticketing
  • Insight based on service-level agreements

SAP SuccessFactors Visa and Permits Management

Expand your market share in new countries and regions, bring the right people in at the right time, and ensure compliance with local and global HR requirements by managing and automating visa and permits processes with our solution.

  • Cloud deployment 
  • Automated visa and permit processes 
  • Alignment with local governments
  • Integration with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
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SAP Fieldglass External Workforce Management

Find, source, and manage all types of external talent – contingent labour, project-based services including statements of work, independent contractors, and additional flexible talent pools. 

  • Cloud-based platform
  • Greater visibility
  • Enforced compliance
  • Controlled spend
  • Talent optimisation

HR Document Management

Engage a simple, secure, and compliant enterprise document management solution to increase efficiency, minimise risk, and reduce costs. Build, maintain, and manage a complete digital record of all your employees, from hire to retire.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Centralised 360-degree view of employee data
  • Comprehensive document management
  • Minimised compliance risks and faster audit cycles 

SAP ERP Human Capital Management

Enable and manage your workforce with core HR capabilities to help your company succeed. Automate, streamline, and extend core HR processes to make the best use of your employees’ skills and drive growth.

  • On-premise deployment
  • Automated employee processes
  • Compliance with HR regulations
  • Insights into workforce contributions

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more productivity with an increase in project completion.

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less cost per an HR transaction when employee data is administered using a single system.

SAP Performance Benchmarking

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Image of blogger, Kavita Jain
Kavita Jain
HCM Solution Architect SAP SuccessFactors

Annual Salary for 9-month contract

When implementing SAP Successfactors Employee Central for an education customer, there are unique challenges, including employees with salaries for less than one year.

Image of blogger, Ilian Alekov
Ilian Alekov
Product Management SAP

Extending SAP SuccessFactors solutions with SAP Cloud Platform

We have prepared an openSAP course with condensed and focused materials targeting the digital transformation in the HCM space.

Image of blogger, Abinash Nanda
Abinash Nanda
Integration and Security Expert SAP

Integration with SAP Cloud for Customer

In this blog we will see how to do an extension for the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central integration with SAP Cloud for Customer via CPI scenario. 

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