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Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

Align plans with strategy and operations to maximise results and drive accuracy and accountability. Leverage financial analytics and financial reporting to gain insight and make confident decisions.

Build resilience with our agile FP&A software

Model scenarios quickly to help your business to navigate the unexpected in every economic condition, improve business decisions and performance with agile planning solutions from SAP.


Resource Center

Survey Report
FP&A Trends 2021 Survey Report

Discover FP&A trends and developments for planning and forecasting in uncertain times from a survey of more than 340 senior finance executives.

White Paper
Manage profitability in uncertain times

Find out why you may need to rethink your plans for profitability and your supporting systems in this FP&A Trends white paper.

White Paper
Evolution of scenario planning to deal with uncertainty

Explore how scenario planning has evolved into scenario management, driven by events and exceptions, to help companies make confident decisions in any situation.

Image of two people looking at a screen
White Paper
AI and machine learning in FP&A

Learn about the most essential elements for any FP&A organisation to consider when looking at artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform the value it delivers.

White Paper
Predictive planning and the future of FP&A

Discover how predictive planning technology can help you overcome the challenges of uncertainty to save time, reduce human bias, and adapt quickly.

Image of a man writing on a whiteboard
White Paper
Adapting to the new normal of FP&A

Update your understanding and focus planning on the future rather than the past to make better and bolder decisions that move your business forward.

SAP Brochure
Extended planning and analysis for everyone

Find out how SAP Analytics Cloud can help everyone plan, analyse, predict, and report across the organisation. 

SAP Brochure
Reimagine performance reporting

Help financial planning and analysis tell the story behind the numbers in real time to reveal your most important KPIs.

How CFOs can create an enterprise-wide digital strategy

Learn how the CFO can help finance make data-driven decisions, act in the moment, and collaborate better with IT and business functions.

xP&A: Integrated sales and revenue planning

Keep ahead of the increasing pace of business with an integrated sales and revenue planning approach to reveal business trends in real time. 

xP&A: Integrated financial and workforce planning

Retain top talent, plan for the future, and remain competitive with an integrated
financial and workforce planning approach.

Seven trends for FP&A in 2021

Learn about the seven trends that not only challenge the traditional view of FP&A, but also the way in which the FP&A department engages with the rest of the organisation.

Image of a man on a tablet
The future of FP&A: Agile and predictive analytics

Discover why predictive analytics is about assessing and verifying insights that provide an indication of relationships and an ability to predict potential results.

Put finance at the front of the ship

The traditional fiscal planning model is outdated — learn how to leverage FP&A to move business forward. 

Embracing modern zero-based budgeting

Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) is a great way to apply a higher level of scrutiny to the budgeting of your fixed costs (SG&A). Learn how to eliminate rubber stamps and free passes. 

FP&A storytelling: Improving the decision-making process

Crafting a story is a creative task — see how FP&A can use these skills to be an effective partner to the business, moving away from solely doing the planning and analysis.

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