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Supply Chain Logistics

Move products and materials quickly and efficiently with software for supply chain logistics and order fulfilment from SAP.

See how MAHLE increases efficiency and gains full transparency of the transport network

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Optimise your storage and warehousing processes with a cutting-edge warehouse management system.


Inbound process management

Validate data for advanced shipping notifications, optimise receipt processes, and support put-away activities.

Storage and operations management

Manage shared stock ownership, trackphysical inventory, improve yard visibility, and monitor material handlingequipment.

Outbound process management

Schedule and optimise pick-pack-ship activities and use augmented reality and voice picking to increase productivity. 

SAP Transportation Management

Increase on-time deliveries and get real-time visibility into global and domestic shipping across all transportation modes.


Strategic freight management

Optimise freight procurement for multiple modes, lower spending, and monitor shipper- and trade-agreement compliance.

Order management

Streamlineorder management processes and generate optimised, rules-based routingproposals dynamically.

Transportation planning

Enhance resource usage and carrier selection with automated planning processes and integrated local business views.

Transportation execution

Reduce shipping costs and improve cargo handling to run your logistics faster, more dynamically, and more responsively. 

SAP Logistics Business Network

Enable intercompany collaboration with an open, secure logistics network that connects business partners.


Freight logistics collaboration

Support third-party logistics providers, oversee the freight order lifecycle, and share insights across the value chain.

Tracking and tracing

View the status of goods in transit and handle deviations to plans during purchase, sales, and freight order fulfilment.

Real-time alerts and notifications

Gain insights from analytics and benchmarking based on real-time alerts and notifications.

SAP Yard Logistics

Simplify truck, ocean container, and rail yard management.


Order and appointment planning

Improve resource use to reduce idle time and plan incoming and outgoing transport in collaboration with carriers.

Yard execution and processing

Increase visibility and control of yard processing and accelerate activity execution to increase the throughput of the yard.

Integration capabilities

Support end-to-end logistics processes in the cloud and gain insights using graphical monitoring features.

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