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Choose SAP technologies that provide an intrinsic understanding of data and processes in SAP and third-party applications with SAP Business Technology Platform.

Explore the SAP Business Technology Platform portfolio

By leveraging the right combination of technologies, specific to your organisation, you can solve complex business problems and create innovative business outcomes.

View road maps for SAP Business Technology Platform

Learn about current options, planned innovations, and future features for solutions in the SAP Business Technology Platform portfolio.

Get started with free trials

SAP Cloud Platform Trial

Learn how to create and deploy cloud apps and gain access to a comprehensive set of platform services.

SAP HANA Cloud Trial

Learn how to run data virtualisation, multi-temperature data storage, and build powerful business applications.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Trial

Learn how to adopt augmented analytics and deliver data in real time, while reducing the time spent modelling.

SAP Data Intelligence

Learn how to connect, discover, enrich, and orchestrate disjointed data assets into actionable business insights.

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