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Design, build, and manage production with greater visibility and control. SAP products that cover all aspects of portfolio and product management can help you manage, track, and control all product-related information over the complete product and asset lifecycle.

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise

SAP Visual Enterprise can help you accelerate decision making, optimise productivity, and improve quality – with software that integrates 3D visualisation and business data across your value chain. 

Explore SAP 3D Visual Enterprise


SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals

SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals enables pharma manufacturing companies to comply with country specific legal reporting requirements and provides advanced item serialisation capabilities specific for pharmaceuticals.

Explore SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals


SAP Apparel and Footwear

SAP Apparel and Footwear puts apparel and footwear companies in complete control of their supply chain, from procuring raw materials to delivering finished styles and helps them to monitor their complex processes – independent of time and place. Global manufacturing, procurement and distribution strategies can be implemented and an overall consistent quality assured. 

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SAP AR Service Technician

The SAP AR Service Technician mobile app frees technician’s hands through the use of virtualisation and voice-recognition functionality, improving performance and service quality. Based on cutting-edge technology, the software combines the power of smart glasses and access to 3D visualisation applications with the ability to connect virtually with an expert for real-time, on-site guidance to let field workers resolve service issues on the spot.

Explore SAP AR Service Technician


SAP AR Warehouse Picker

The SAP AR Warehouse Picker mobile app provides hands-free functionality that makes it unnecessary to spend time using handheld scanners and other devices for outbound picking. Developed with input from business stakeholders and through observation of actual picking processes, SAP AR Warehouse Picker enables your organisation to optimise picking time and accuracy.

Explore SAP AR Warehouse Picker


SAP Asset Intelligence Network

SAP Asset Intelligence Network brings asset ecosystem partners onto a single cloud-based collaborative network platform.  The hub serves as a global register of the equipment in your extended ecosystem—each asset element has a unique ID that authorises the publication of and subscription to content on the network.

Explore SAP Asset Intelligence Network


SAP Business ByDesign

Run your entire business on a single, cloud-based software solution, ideally suited for upper mid-size businesses and subsidiaries of large corporations. SAP Business ByDesign is a complete, integrated suite that can run your whole enterprise – financials, human resources, sales, procurement, customer service, and supply chain.

Explore SAP Business ByDesign


SAP Business One

SAP Business One is designed to help your small business better manage every aspect of your company – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Available on-premise, on-demand, and powered by our in-memory computing platform (SAP HANA) – the choice is yours.

Explore SAP Business One


SAP Commercial Project Management

With SAP Commercial Project Management, you can oversee the entire project value chain from a single user dashboard that allows you to increase productivity, reduce project risks, and increase customer satisfaction.

Explore SAP Commercial Project Management


SAP Complex Assembly Manufacturing

Designed for the Aerospace and Defence and Industrial Machinery and Components industries, SAP Complex Assembly Manufacturing provides a means for planning, managing, and controlling shop floor and manufacturing operations.

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SAP Complex Manufacturing Accelerator

SAP Complex Manufacturing Accelerator is a mobile extension of the SAP Complex Assembly Manufacturing Solution. It provides shop floor supervisors, mechanics, and quality inspectors with quick and easy access to critical manufacturing data at the point of work.

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SAP cProject Suite

SAP cProject Suite supports you in project management and collaborative engineering by enabling you to exchange information such as project plans, documents, and product structures between virtual project teams via the Web.

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SAP Document Builder

SAP Document Builder is a content-driven and cross-application solution powered by SAP NetWeaver 7.0 or higher for authoring complex documents and streamlining the entire document lifecycle.

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SAP EAM and service mobile app SDK

SAP EAM and service mobile app SDK is for  customers who want to integrate the GIS (ESRI) and/or SAP 3D Visual Enterprise with “Agentry” based SAP mobile applications.

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SAP EHS Regulatory Content

Utilise the extensive compliance library and regulatory data tools in our EHS regulatory content software to increase your company’s ability to comply with ever-changing regulations. Prevent brand damage and create opportunity by complying with a multitude of environment, health, and safety (EHS) regulations.


SAP EHS Regulatory Documentation OnDemand

Ensure ongoing environment, health, and safety (EHS) compliance for your products – with SAP EHS Regulatory Documentation OnDemand. This cloud-based SDS authoring solution delivers client-specific safety data sheets and up-to-date product compliance data for 110 countries and 40 languages.

Explore EHS Regulatory Documentation OnDemand


SAP EHS Safety Issue

With the SAP EHS Safety Issue mobile app for iPhone, you can report safety concerns and observations to your organisation’s safety department and get instant feedback. The app accesses the incident management function of the SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management application and allows employees to submit safety issues and contact the safety manager.

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SAP Energy Data Management

Energy Data Management (EDM) provides a central data storage for discreet measurements, interval values, and all interval data that is independent of the unit of measurement. You can also determine actual and forecasted energy consumption values, compare the differences, and exchange this information.

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SAP Energy Portfolio Management

The SAP Energy Portfolio Management solution supports procurement departments of energy utility companies or service providers for energy utility companies. It enables them to make the right decisions in this complex business by providing a structured data basis, well-defined process steps, specific algorithms, and transparent risk management processes.

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SAP Engineering Control Center

The SAP Engineering Control Center integration tool helps companies deliver innovative products and services in a shorter time to market and supports a new way of developing products.

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SAP Enhanced Maintenance and Service Planning

The SAP Enhanced Maintenance and Service Planning application is intended to cover maintenance planning and inspections for complex technical products (for example, aircrafts, engines, and so on). The application allows the planner to do simulations over different planning situations.

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SAP Enterprise Project Connection

Gain a holistic, end-to-end view of your portfolio and project management environment with SAP software for project information management. You get access to all relevant project information – integrated from back-end systems such as finance, HR, materials, and assets – in one easy-to-deploy, -use, and -maintain solution.

Explore SAP Enterprise Project Connection


SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management

Our environment, health, and safety (EHS) management software supports the management of safety, industrial hygiene, and occupational health processes. 

Explore SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management 


SAP Environmental Compliance

Ensure full compliance with growing and changing environmental regulations across all regions at both the plant and corporate levels effectively and efficiently with our environmental compliance software.

Explore SAP Environmental Compliance



SAP ERP (SAP Enterprise Resource Planning) is a proven, trusted foundation – built to support companies of all sizes across all industries. Leverage role-based access to critical data, applications, and analytical tools – and streamline your processes across procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, and HR.

Explore SAP ERP


SAP Fashion Management

Simplify your vertical fashion business and prepare for growth with retail fashion solutions from SAP. Our integrated software can help you shorten the time from concept to customer; boost collaboration across the supply chain; and offer end-to-end visibility, flexibility, and speed. 

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SAP File Lifecycle Management

SAP File Lifecycle Management enables our customers to achieve digitized file management in their organisation. It encompasses file creation, movement, tracking, noting, review and approval processes. With its simplified configuration, the solution provides easy modelling and implementation, in addition to providing protection and security for your files.

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SAP Innovation Management

SAP Innovation Management software helps you foster innovation, capture it, and rapidly convert it into industry-leading, value-generating initiatives.

Explore SAP Innovation Management


SAP Intercompany Data Exchange

SAP Intercompany Data Exchange is a solution that meets the demands of deregulated energy markets.

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SAP Linear Asset Management

Safeguard linear assets including roads, rails, pipelines, and electricity transmission lines with SAP Linear Asset Management software.

Explore SAP Linear Asset Management


SAP Management of Change

SAP Management of Change provides a highly flexible and fully auditable tool for monitoring, implementing, and reporting changes.

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SAP Military Data Exchange

SAP Military Data Exchange provides off-the-shelf force management capabilities that enable interoperability with Command and Control Information Systems (CCIS) and NATO Functional Area Services.

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SAP Mobile Defence & Security

SAP Mobile Defence & Security enables the online and offline use of selected defence processes. Mobile functionalities enable mobile maintenance, mobile materials management, and mobile organisation and staffing.

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SAP Multiresource Scheduling

SAP Multiresource Scheduling can help service providers optimise resource management, ease asset-intensive maintenance, and improve customer service. Gain full transparency into resources, equipment, and available skills.

Explore SAP Multiresource Scheduling


SAP Overall Equipment Effectiveness Management

With SAP Overall Equipment Effectiveness Management (SAP OEE Management) you can measure and analyse plant performance both in real-time and historically. Utilise common sources of manufacturing data to obtain metrics that enable you to measure availability and performance of equipment and the quality of goods produced by that equipment.

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SAP Portfolio and Project Management

SAP Portfolio and Project Management can help you link ideas and strategies with project data, workflows, and business processes. Control and innovate projects, processes, products, and services across their lifecycles with tools to standardise project execution processes and reduce administrative burden.

Explore SAP Portfolio and Project Management 


SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service

SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service provides a single control centre for managing assets and sensing telemetry and machine-to-machine, business, and third-party data. The solution, based on SAP HANA, provides connectivity with physical assets while enforcing security standards in the cloud.

Explore SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service


SAP Product Lifecycle Costing

Keep product costs and quotations in line with strategic targets and drive product profitability – using SAP Product Lifecycle Costing.

Explore SAP Product Lifecycle Costing


SAP Product Lifecycle Management for Insurance

SAP Product Lifecycle Management for Insurance helps insurance companies efficiently adapt their product portfolios to current customer demands, enabling insurers to offer their new and existing customers the right products at the right time.

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SAP Product Stewardship Network

Join SAP Product Stewardship Network, an online collaboration community that enables companies of all sizes and their supply chains to exchange sustainability data efficiently. 

Explore SAP Product Stewardship Network


SAP Quality Issue Management

SAP Quality Issue Management enables an integrated, global approach to managing quality. Create, process, and monitor all quality issues – along with corrective and preventive actions – from every source across your organisation. 

Explore SAP Quality Issue Management


SAP REACH Compliance

Our product and REACH compliance software can help you ensure ongoing compliance with product-related regulations with support for legal, safety, and sustainability obligations along the supply chain.

Explore SAP REACH Compliance


SAP Rounds Manager

With the SAP Rounds Manager mobile app, users can take immediate action when they find a potential problem by generating work orders and notifications on the spot.

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SAP Waste and Recycling solutions

Streamline your waste and recycling processes – all while boosting profitability – with our software.

Explore SAP Waste and Recycling solutions 


SAP Work Clearance Management

Ensure a safe job site while reducing costs and boosting productivity – with our maintenance worker safety software.

Explore SAP Work Clearance Management

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