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Service SAP Solutions

Program Benefits

The SAP PartnerEdge program is designed to deliver maximum returns for your business. Apply today to start realising the full benefits of the program.

Unlike many vendor programmes, SAP PartnerEdge offers engagement models that fit the way you work and engage with customers – and you’re not limited to one approach. You may wish to adopt our service engagement model at first and expand the partnership to include sell, build, or run models as your business grows. Our standardised fees, consistent benefits, harmonised discounts, and simplified contracts reduce administration and ensure the program grows along with your business and ambitions. 

Benefits that grow with your business
Higher level, bigger benefits

There are two program levels: silver and gold. The silver entry level entitles you to an impressive set of program benefits that increase as you advance to the gold level through our unique Value Points system. It's simple: the more points, the higher the level and the bigger the benefits.

Points that make prizes

Earn Value Points for your business performance and competencies, and acceleration points for strategic alignment on key topics or solutions. Get recognised for your total business contribution across all the engagement models you've joined. Total Value Points determine your program level. 

Unlimited opportunities

At SAP,  we actively encourage our partners to explore and join all our engagement models. Our simple program structure makes it easy to try new approaches, while harmonised benefits ensure your total contribution across all models counts towards your level and benefits.

Stand out from the crowd
Distinguish yourself

Get valuable logos and branding assets that help you elevate your business, distinguish yourself in the marketplace, and show your customers that you have the power of SAP behind you!

Be recognised as an expert

The SAP Recognised Expertise designation describes a specialisation and depth of expertise in an industry, or with an SAP solution, or both. The logo helps differentiate your business from the competition and instills confidence in prospects and customers. 

Get on the guest list

As an SAP partner you’ll gain access to a myriad of events throughout the year. Local and global, in-person or virtual – these events help you build knowledge, network, and promote your business and solutions to SAP customers.

Promote your business on

Gain exposure to the thousands of customers and prospects who visit each day. Maintaining your listing on the SAP partner finder tool will help generate interest in your company, solutions, and services.

Become part of the SAP family
Partner-first philosophy

Our culture is built around putting you first because we know your success is good for business – for you, for customers, and for us. Our teams are heavily incentivized to work with and through partners – while clear rules of engagement eradicate any potential conflicts.   

Work with SAP sales

At SAP, we rely on our partners to help provide the implementation and consulting services that enable our customers to become best-run businesses. That’s why partners and SAP sales teams often collaborate to deliver the solutions and services customers demand. 

Stay in the loop

We consider partners an extension of internal SAP teams. Keeping you informed about the latest news, tools, and resources is therefore critical to our joint success. Our profile-based newsletter delivers relevant news in a brief and concise format at a frequency of your choosing, while our social media channels keep you abreast of the latest stories as they happen.

Get help when you need it

SAP partner business managers and dedicated SAP partner service advisors are all ready to provide help and guidance. Whether you have technical questions, support issues, or need advice to take your business to the next level, our experts will help you make your business the best it can be.

Service Excellence

Customers demand rapid time to value from their solutions, and the services they receive during and after implementation are critical to success. 

IDC Research, Inc. predicts that over the next five years, SAP partners will generate nearly US$200 billion in net new revenues*. This rapidly expanding opportunity, of which services will represent a significant portion, is solidifying our commitment to provide tools and best practices that help you deliver best-in-class consultancy and implementation services. 

Streamline implementations

Run implementation, upgrade, and software enhancement projects more efficiently using the SAP Activate innovation adoption framework. This provides pre-built implementation content, accelerators, tools, and best practices that help project teams deliver consistent and successful results across industries and customer environments.

Enable repeatable quality

Reduce escalations, minimise profit dilution, and improve customer satisfaction with our project management program. This gives you access to best practices and methodologies from SAP, as well as guidance on support, training, certification, and optimising customer retention. 

Deliver the Intelligent Enterprise

Help your customers thrive in the next era of digital transformation using our partner hub for the Intelligent Enterprise.  Our partner-specific tools and resources help you help your customers achieve game-changing results and invent new business models to drive a next-generation value economy.

Help customers transition to SAP S/4HANA

Access a comprehensive portfolio of scalable, efficient, and automated tools, programmes, and methodologies that simplify the process of upgrading to SAP S/4HANA – our intelligent ERP solution. Consulting and implementation services for upgrades ensure rapid time to value and minimise disruption and risk for customers, while representing a huge opportunity for partners.

Solution Innovation

Our business solution portfolio is comprehensive, but customers still have unique business requirements that represent gaps that need to be filled. 

Adding your own intellectual property (IP) is one of the largest opportunities facing partners today. Regardless of partner type, many customers’ cloud solutions benefit from extended functionality that can only be provided through deep expertise in a given industry or line of business. By adding your IP to SAP solutions, you can create faster time-to-value for customers and help them realise greater ROI on their solution investment. 

Co-innovation with SAP

Co-innovation with SAP is just one of the services offered by our Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services team. Simply put, it’s a comprehensive program of guided services that are designed to help you productize and take your idea to market. You can walk in with an idea and walk out with a fully-certified and market-ready solution.

Packaged solutions

You can build integrated solutions that combine SAP market-leading software and innovations with industry or line-of-business expertise, specialised services, customisations, configurations, or applications. Built, sold, and supported by SAP partners, these solutions offer rapid time-to-value, low risk, and high predictability.

Our mission is to help customers solve complex problems through innovation. The days of a closed SAP are long behind us and our open application programming interfaces (APIs) allow partners to innovate and extend SAP solutions and technology platforms to help customers realise an intelligent enterprise. In turn, this helps customers do more with less, empower employees through process automation, and delivers a best-in-class customer experience by enabling a proactive approach to customer service. SAP’s partners are uniquely positioned to help customers achieve game-changing results, and this type of diversification can only help you achieve stronger growth.

Exclusive Access to Test, Demo, and Development Licensing Services

Gain access to SAP cloud services and on-premise solutions to develop, test, and demonstrate SAP software.

Non-Commercial Licensing

Complementary to your partnership agreement, you can order partner exclusive licenses to test and demonstrate or develop new applications for SAP cloud or on-premise solutions.

Get Recognised as an Expert

Stand out among competitors and send a clear and confident message to customers and prospects with an SAP Recognised Expertise designation.

SAP Recognised Expertise designations describe a specialisation and depth of expertise in an industry, an SAP solution, or both. To attain a designation, you’ll need to meet specific employee training and certification standards, and demonstrate customer success. Along with other benefits, using the logo for SAP Recognised Expertise can differentiate your business from the competition, demonstrate a high level of competence, and instill confidence in your prospects and customers. 

Benefits of the designation

An SAP Recognised Expertise designation shows your customers not only your level of expertise but also demonstrates that you have successfully worked with other companies to deliver value in a particular industry or solution area.

Become a recognised expert

To gain the SAP Recognised Expertise designation, your company must clearly demonstrate and meet specific requirements across delivery capability, product competency, and business performance.

Delivery capability

To meet our delivery capability criteria, you must meet or exceed a certain number of customer references or validated projects related to a specific solution or industry.

Product competency

We require that companies achieving SAP Recognised Expertise designation have a number of certified consultants for a specific solution or industry competence. Consultants must have a qualification from our eligible certifications list. 

Business performance

You will be asked to provide detailed business development information specific to each expertise. Information required includes go-to-market planning and evidence of the successful execution of jointly-defined plans.

Continual monitoring

If you are successful, your SAP Recognised Expertise designation will be valid for one year. We will extend the designation following biannual checks to make sure that all requirements continue to be met. 

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