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Best for your employees

Today, employees are counting on their employers more than ever before. Whether it’s helping with flexible and secure processes to re-open facilities or to transitioning and maintaining new ways of remote working, SAP and its partners are in this together with you to get you back to best.

Keep people engaged with a powerful training system

Keep people informed and connected with 12 weeks of free training. Offer valid for new customers with code SAP20 until December 31, 2020.

  • Engage remote employees and partners with LMS access
  • Explore 200 relevant learning courses 
  • Experience white-glove onboarding to ensure success and adoption

Manage a safe and healthy workforce

Meet the changing safety needs and priorities of your on-site workforce dynamically.

  • Manage health regulations, testing, and physical access controls to remove risk from working on-site
  • Get back to work safely by complying with new COVID-19 health and safety policies and paperwork 
  • Automate physical identity and workspace access management as part of the workforce journey 

Bring employees back to the workplace safely

Safely re-open your facilities by bringing employees back to the office in a controlled manner.

  • Communicate physical distancing guidelines and regulations to employees
  • Enable employees to book a workspace, while adhering to capacity restrictions
  • Analyse booking behaviour and adjust capacity planning as needed

See how SAP customers are helping our communities

Delivering on its promise for guaranteed delivery during COVID-19

See how SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics helped courier and freight company Purolator ensure that every package was delivered safely and swiftly during the COVID-19 crisis.

Learning how to teach through the health crisis

Watch how Tec de Monterrey set up communities to uphold academic continuity and keep operations running smoothly during the pandemic.

Providing critical support to customers and employees during uncertain times

Find out how Oshkosh is helping its suppliers, employees, and customers through the COVID-19 pandemic using SAP Qualtrics solutions. 

Keeping a workforce safe and connected during COVID-19

Learn how Promesa utilised SAP solutions to keep its workers employed during the pandemic while seeing great business results.

Together with SAP, you’ve got the solutions to keep employees safe and productive

Workplace safety

Mitigate risk with integrated environment, health, and safety management solutions.

On-site employees

Bring your employees and visitors back on-site in a controlled and safe way.

Return to work pulse

Determine when and how to reopen your workplace and re-engage employees.

Workforce symptom check

Contain the spread of COVID‑19 with ongoing symptom checks.

Workforce contact tracing

Manage onsite safety with COVID‑19 contact tracing.

Employee training

Access free training content to address the new protocols of working in a pandemic.

Emergency response communications

Provide real-time updates on COVID-19 and monitor the sentiment of your employees.

Identity access management

Ensure that the proper people in an enterprise have the appropriate access to technology resources.

Model your workforce

Whether you’re furloughing, redeploying, or laying-off staff, or rapidly hiring, you can manage change with workforce modelling.

Collaborate across teams

Improve business communications and information access by connecting customers, partners, and employees.

Recruit employees

See how you can improve recruiter efficiency with Censia, SAP Signature Management by DocuSign, and Eightfold.

Upskill and reskill employees

Deliver an immersive learning experience with a package comprised of SAP Content Stream by Skillsoft and SAP Jam.

Learning management system

Easily create and deliver training anytime to support your remote teams with 12 weeks of free access to over 200 courses with SAP Litmos solutions.

Find temporary workers quickly

Connect businesses that need temporary workers with staffing firms that can supply them.

Location management

Safely re-open, organise onsite employees, and analyse office capacities.

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Get live help and chat with an SAP representative.
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E-mail us with comments, questions or feedback.
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