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June 2018: Sergio Guerrero

Sergio Guerrero describes himself as a husband, dad, brother, friend, neighbor, and community member. We describe him as a Member of the Month who has written dozens of blogs, answered hundreds of questions, earned many badges and points, and attracted dozens of followers. 


May 2018: Bärbel Winkler

A good writer not afraid to express her opinion. That's how one member/SAP Mentor describes Bärbel Winkler. Even though Bärbel only began blogging recently, she has made an impression and received encouragement from readers (some Member of the Month winners themselves!).

April 2018: Bartosz Jarkowski

How to describe Bartosz? One member does it this way: "Shows a high degree of accurate technical knowledge; articulate, writes well; polite and helpful to other community members; responds quickly to questions. Becoming a ‘household name’ in some tags.”

March 2018: Sharath Gangadhara

Sharath Gangadhara (AKA Sharath M G) has answered nearly 300 questions  and written more than 50 blogs. He is a polyglot who has observed that, when it comes to connecting with people, "language is the easiest or the shortest route to winning their hearts." He has certainly connected  with members.

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All the important rules about what to do or not in SAP Community. Observing them will help you and others get the most out of SAP Community.

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The SAP Community has an established, gamified reputation program that encourages quality contributions and showcases expertise.

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This page consolidates all of the input collected from Idea Place, beta feedback, Using discussions, and other channels that members have used to request features and report issues. Information includes descriptions of the submissions and current status for every item.


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A guide on how to register, create an account, and maintain your profile on SAP Community, including tips on how to improve your profile.

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Learn about the SAP Mentors program – a global advocacy program of the most influential community participants in the SAP ecosystem. These bloggers, consultants, and active community members keep SAP relevant.

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The SAP Community Coffee Corner is the official space where you can share and discuss any topic that is on your mind. Join us!

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