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SAP Africa Management Team

SAP Africa, a subsidiary of SAP SE, oversees the company’s business operations in Africa.

SAP Africa Management Team

SAP Africa, a subsidiary of SAP SE, oversees the company’s business operations in Africa.

Cathy Smith MD, SAP Africa

Cathy joins SAP from Cisco, where she was MD for Sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to that, she spent 23 years at IBM in a variety of leadership roles. As a fellow of the African Leadership Initiative, she is also committed to developing the next generation of value-based African leaders, capable of guiding and leading their countries, as they balance the demands of globalisation with local visions of a sustainable society.

Mehmood Khan COO, SAP Africa

The role of Chief Operating Officer was a natural progression for Mehmood to assume the leadership of strategic operations that will continue to build the SAP brand as the top ICT provider across the African continent.

Dr Gilbert Saggia MD, East Africa

Kenya-born Dr. Saggia completed a degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Nairobi before embarking on a successful career in the ICT sector. Dr Gilbert Saggia gained international experience during his tenure as Sales Solutions Manager at Siemens in Belgium. He holds an MBA certification from Tulane University in the USA, and contributes to regional periodicals and books especially on the topic of ICT in healthcare.

Frédéric Alran MD, Franchophone Africa

As Managing Director for SAP Francophone Africa, Frédéric is responsible for driving SAP’s business in the Francophone region.  He is responsible for accelerating digital transformation for our customers.  Frédéric was born in Paris and completed Finance Studies at a business school in France before starting a career in technology.

Pedro Guerreiro MD, Lusophone Africa & West Africa

Cumulate roles as SAP Managing Director for Lusophone Africa & Head of Salesfor E&NR in Africa. SAP Roles (past & present): MD SAP Lusophone Africa / E&NR License Head of Sales / Services Sales Director / Client Partner / Client Engagement Manager ea.

Nicholas Maweni, Marketing Director, SAP Africa

Maweni is the Marketing Director for SAP Africa and was the Chief Of Staff for Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Development and the Ministry of Arts & Culture prior to that.  He served as the MD of the Black Management Forum. He has over 15 years in the Marketing, Communications in the ICT sector.

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