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Nikolay Kolarov

Product Owner and Accessibility Expert, SAP Business Technology Platform, Sofia, Bulgaria

Nikolay's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


Working with highly motivated professionals, the vision of SAP and the atmosphere in the office as a workplace gives me the inspiration I need in my everyday job.

Nikolay Kolarov 
Sofia, Bulgaria

Meet Nikolay Kolarov, Product Owner and Accessibility Expert at SAP. Nikolay has been working for the company from 2014. He started his career in the company as a Developer, than became Senior developer and now is taking the challenge to be a Product Owner.

"My team is part of SAP Business Technology Platform organization in Sofia. We are contributing to SAPUI5 framework, the technical foundation and enablement of the new User Experience (UX) based on Fiori design principles for all new or renovated SAP applications." What Nikolay likes most about his job are the challenges on technical level and the opportunity to solve big and generic problems. "For me learning on the job is very important and at SAP we do this every day. The constant collaboration between different teams, that are working on SAP Business Technology Platform, helps me develop my professional knowledge and experience.," shares Nikolay. "I really like the flexibility in our work tasks, in the team, the agile environment in the company. Working with highly motivated professionals, the vision of SAP and the atmosphere in the office as a workplace gives me the inspiration I need in my everyday job."

Working on the Accessibility topic and increasing the accessibility state of SAPUI5 applications, gives him a different point of view and extends the horizon for Nikolay not only in his professional, but also in his personal life. As he says, "Not only the software, but our surrounding environment should be available to everyone and my job helped me realize how important this is."

Nikolay is one of the most active volunteers in different activities that SAP Labs Bulgaria organizes in order to support IT education in the country. He explains his motivation in that direction with the culture  at SAP. "I really like and appreciate the culture of support, openness and sharing that we have in the company, as well as the freedom to be yourself and express your ideas. I strongly believe that with our job we can help the world run better and improve people’s lives. And I want to contribute on this vision also by helping students during their IT education.

I am really into healthy way of living and I am really pleased that SAP helps me in this direction. There are many Health and Sport initiatives in the company and the flexible working time gives me the opportunity to find the balance between my job and my personal interests. I go to the office every day with a smile, which is very important for me – this way I feel happy and eager to work on the new challenges me and my team face in our job."

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