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Helena Herejkova

Accounts Payable Associate

Helena's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

I liked that SAP was strictly against any forms of discrimination and offered equal conditions to all people.

Helena Herejkova

I have been working at SAP since November 2018 as a P2P Accounts Payable Associate supporting the BENELUX countries.

I first heard about SAP after finishing my maternity leave when I was looking for a new job. A very good friend of mine recommended SAP to me. I found the basic principles of the company culture interesting and I liked that SAP was strictly against any forms of discrimination and offered equal conditions to all people. What I like about my job is the cooperation and communication with internal and external customers and working with different software applications. Since starting to work here, I’ve really been enjoying the multinational and modern working environment, friendly people, and the spirit of innovation.

In fact, SAP is one of the most innovative companies I know. I believe this is mainly thanks to its people. SAP keeps a very high standard of its employees. Also, the multicultural environment of SAP and the mix of different personalities provide a diverse and brainstorming environment allowing us to stay motivated for our deliverables to the marketplace. The learning & development opportunities at SAP are also on a very high level, offering employees a wide range of trainings. There are simply no limits for people who are willing to assert.

I consider SAP a top employer that allows employees to fulfill their work-life balance. As I started to work at SAP after having been on maternity leave for five years, the beginning was not easy for all members of my family. But after several months, everything settled down. I took advantage of the flexible working hours SAP offered me, my colleagues helped me with my onboarding and training, and I re-adjusted back into working life. Thanks to flexible working possibilities, I can finish my work almost every day about 4 p.m. to pick up my two small children (4 and 6 years-old) from kindergarten.

All in all, working at SAP is a great experience that willcertainly move you forward. Don’t hesitate. Go ahead!

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