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Paulina Bujacz

Software Development Manager

Paulina's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


I am always humbled by the humanity my colleagues offer and the true “human touch” in the way SAP operates.

Paulina Bujacz

I grew up in a small, tourist village in the mountains in Poland. After primary school, I moved to Cracow where I studied extended mathand physics in high school. After graduating, I majored in Computer Science at the Cracow University of Technology. During my studies, I started working as a C++ and Python developer. When test automation and continuous integration concepts started becoming more widely discussed, I decided to become a Quality Engineer focusing mainly on test automation. I joined a small company called hybris in 2011 when there were only a few employees in Poland.

In April 2013, hybris was acquired by SAP. This acquisition opened many doors for hybris employees and I knew I wanted to stay at the company after the acquisition. I saw that SAP is open and full of talented people with plenty of ideas, dreams, and solutions. But the strongest power of SAP consists of the dedicated people that strive to be innovative.

During the past several years, I have grown and developed in my career – starting as a Quality Engineer and then becoming a Quality Engineer + Scrum Master to eventually the Software Development Manager. As a Software Development Manager, I am responsible for the team set-up, including team competencies, expertise, recruitment, onboarding, compensation planning, and people management. I also oversee the growth and job satisfaction among the team members and drive continuous improvement on how the team works.

One of the first responsibilities I had as the Software Development Manager was to familiarize myself with program & release management by understanding the legal, corporate, and evidential requirements prior to and upon release of the software. I attended a 3-day training, went through the documentation, selected the approach that fit our needs, and scheduled validations. After the successful Release Decision Meeting, my team was nominated to be part of an ISO audit where all my work was audited by an external auditor. I was extremely tired after the 5-hour session, but the result was excellent, and it ensured that all the processes I had set up for my team were correct.

I love what I do because it motivates me to help others develop in their careers and see them shine. In my opinion, employee growth is the most important factor for the success of a company. Courage to take on new responsibilities, curiosity, and honest cooperation with others drive my career path and provide me with satisfaction so I want to support and encourage my team members to grow by staying curious and acting with integrity as well.

For me success means providing work that is valuable for others, that energizes me, and where I can feel appreciated by the company. SAP continuously allows me to take on new responsibilities and grow. I am also able to thrive thanks to our people-focused work-life balance. I’m the mother of two kids, Leon (10) and Anna (4). Outside of work, my life revolves around my family and the activities we enjoy together such as sailing, walking in the mountains and visiting my parents in my home town, skiing, swimming, taking care of the garden, reading books, and long discussions on different topics with my husband and kids. These moments are precious to me. My family and I are thankful that I’m in a supportive professional environment that lets me achieve this.

That’s not to say that I haven’t experienced challenges along the way! But I am always humbled by the humanity my colleagues offer and the true “human touch” in the way SAP operates. A while back, my sister was seriously sick and for some time, I had to support her and my parents simultaneously. My manager and team mates supported me, comforted me, and were there for me emotionally and professionally, which gave me the chance to work more flexibly than what I was used to doing due to the circumstances. Thanks to the support, I was able to fulfill my duties as a sister in a time of need.

All in all, SAP is an amazing company that has provided me with tremendous opportunities. As the Software Development Manager, I’m like a gardener that observes and tends to any areas that require attention. Mostly though, I’m proud of my team. We’ve worked hard over the past few years and it’s a wonderful feeling to see the recognition internally and externally as we debate the future commercialization of our products.

My words to those of you reading this are simply to stay curious, be honest, and make use of the opportunities that SAP can give you.

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