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Maxi Bethge 

Chief of Staff Signavio

Maxi's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.

I want to build an environment for people they like to be part of. I love my colleagues and have always enjoyed their open feedback and constructive criticism. Making sure they are being heard is my mission.

Maxi Bethge 


Maxi Bethge came to SAP through the Signavio acquisition in 2020. We asked her about her career journey so far, and what excites her about working for SAP.

I'm originally from the land of the Bratwurst - Thuringia in East Germany. After four years in Munich I moved to Berlin in 2011 to do my Master's degree at Humboldt University. I also studied in Prague during that time which had a huge impact on my personal development. After finishing my studies, I started my career in affiliate marketing, followed by working as a Key Account Manager at an US app company. In 2017 I joined Signavio as a Customer Success Manager.

In the past four years I have moved around a bit within Signavio in search of my ideal role. I am now Chief of Staff which has definitely given me the chance to take on many responsibilities, shaping the company in different ways and it never gets boring. Every day looks different. It is a perfect mix of strategic, operational and proper hands-on work when necessary.

In 2020 SAP acquired Signavio. I was already very familiar with SAP as they were one of our customers. In my previous role as a Customer Success Manager I had been involved with transformation projects and I also visited Walldorf for customer meetings. My impression was: This is not just a building, this is a town!

It was quite overwhelming to join a company with more than 100,000 employees and I didn't know what to expect. Now being part of the Business Process Intelligence (BPI) cross-team, I have to say that I am happy to have joined them. I have got to know them as very open-minded, warm, fun, motivated and ambitious people. I am looking forward to having an impact on the BPI unit and it makes me happy to support all colleagues, making their life easier, enabling them and working on loads of different projects.”

How do you explain your role as Chief of Staff?

“Most of my friends and family don't understand what I am doing, because I don't have a typical role. There is no day that looks like another. One thing is for sure, I am involved in a lot of topics. As someone that is responsible to make sure the Signavio DNA is integrated well into the new SAP world, I am supporting the team in different people, change and communication topics. On the other hand, I am also part of building the operational model. I am a generalist that works on both ends – setting strategies but also executing them, depending on the topic. I am also a D&I champion to ensure an inclusive and safe environment. To me all of this is just the perfect mix, as I am a fast thinking person and I love to see change happen and make people happy.

Success to me is, if the people around me are happy. I want to build an environment for people they like to be part of. I love my colleagues and have always enjoyed their open feedback and constructive criticism. Making sure they are being heard is my mission.  

About you

If I could do any other job tomorrow, and money wasn’t an issue, I'd be a full-time volunteer. There are moments I am sitting in front of my computer whilst there is so much injustice happening in the world where I just want to pack my stuff to go and help.

I am a passionate volunteer, which led me to founding my own NGO called Periodensystem e.V., where my partners and I fight period poverty in Germany. I have also been a Customer Relationship and Operations Manager at L'appel e.V., an NGO that is delivering humanitarian and medical aid in Sierra Leone.


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