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Aditee Amitabh

SAP Account Executive

Aditee's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


Being at SAP means we look closely at future trends and we jump to grab them before others do.

Aditee Amitabh

For one member of the audience during Cirque du Soleil’s schedule of shows in Mumbai in 2018, the experience actually went much deeper than merely applause, engagement, or admiration.

Aditee Amitabh was determined to watch the show so she could understand first-hand how the Canadian company uses SAP HANA to create a unique sense of audience participation.

"The first time I heard about Cirque du Soleil was in my marketing book during my college days. It was cited as an example of an effective strategy, and how in the face of an industry being shut down, Cirque du Soleil rose from the dead and changed everything about the market by going out there in a new format and rising like a phoenix.

"When Cirque du Soleil was in Mumbai, I immediately went online to buy a ticket. During my two and a half hours there, I was star-struck by what was happening. I had read about how SAP was making it more interactive and I was like, ‘Wow, such an interesting story, it’s so exciting that SAP, my own brand, is now partnering with something I regard as so extraordinary’. I was so excited.

"It really reinforced one of the most significant pieces of advice I ever received from my father. ‘Forget what people say or think or expect of you,’ he told me, ‘you must always go for what you want.’

"This had a special resonance when I was in my final year of school. In 2005, in my Indian Certificate of Secondary Education board exam, I got the highest score in my home state in computer applications. It was the first time that Java as a language had been introduced in IT. My score validated my own career path and choices and interests and that’s when I decided it was the path I wanted to explore.

"What characterizes the IT field is its fast pace. It is constantly changing and that is something I really enjoy about it. I like trying out new things and operating at a quick pace and that’s what really keeps me here. In my family, everybody has a habit of creating a lot of magic and I would always come across stories of all of these women in various fields, so that’s how I decided I would get into sales and marketing. That’s how I paved my way to join SAP.

"When the SAP opportunity came through, it was very clear it was a bit of marketing, a bit of sales and it was a fresher program where they were looking for people who start right after college. Around 100 people from 25 different countries do an intense nine-month program. There is a particular focus on selling. Now, selling is something that I’ve always liked, I’ve always enjoyed reaching out to people and as I used to be a debater, it was something I actually wanted to do.

"At the same time, it was an IT space and because I had a background in engineering, I could not understand the IT landscape that well at the start. But selling the IT landscape really happened for me and it was a big thing. Wherever we went, it was obvious that no arena was untouched by SAP. It was exciting to know there was so much happening and so I took the plunge. There were seven intense rounds of selection to find the final four that were selected that year.

"The first takeaway from the SAP Academy for Sales was the value of being with people from different countries. There were different cultures, different mannerisms, a different overall approach. I was ready to learn and challenge myself at a whole new level. You look closely at how you approach people and how you focus on being open-minded. It had a very positive impact on my work and my life in general. The structure of the program really opened my mind to a lot of things.

"Innovation, disruption, and all of these concepts are actually synonymous and connected to each other. Being at SAP means we look closely at future trends and we jump to grab them before others do. In addition, SAP has taught me resilience. To me, resilience means that every day, whether it is good or bad, is never an indication of what the next day will be. That’s because every day we go back to the basics and start again."

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