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From CallidusCloud Clicktools to SAP Customer Experience

CallidusCloud Clicktools, an enterprise survey software for businesses, is now part of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio.

Optimizing the customer experience with intelligent insights

The acquisition of CallidusCloud Clicktools is helping SAP transform the customer experience and provide customer insights that can improve the buying journey. CallidusCloud Clicktools is part of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio.

Build trusted and connected experiences with SAP Customer Experience solutions

The SAP Customer Experience portfolio is a suite of five industry-leading cloud solution portfolios that can help your business innovate, integrate, and remain agile.

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Increase transparency and build trust with identity and access management and enterprise preference management.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Personalize and optimize your marketing efforts in ways that are consistently relevant to your customers.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Provide a seamless, integrated buying experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

SAP Sales Cloud

Drive your sales revenue by improving the overall selling experience.

SAP Service Cloud

Offer your customers ongoing service and support experiences that are more unified and effective.

Support Resources

Access to CallidusCloud Clicktools

Benefit from the legacy application to automate the administrative burden and free your sales teams to focus on productivity, rather than operations.

CallidusCloud Clicktools Knowledge Base

Access a collection of guides, tutorials, and help resources for CallidusCloud Clicktools users. 

SAP Community

Experience a social network for SAP professionals who are changing how thousands of users work daily.

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