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SAP Young Thinkers

SAP announces a new digital learning initiative offering innovative, interactive educational content to all

Enabling youth to shape the world

SAP Young Thinkers provides students knowledge, skills, methodology and technology to inspire a lifetime love of learning and the ability to impact the world.

From IT2School to SAP4School

Start creating code with Snap!

See young thinkers in action

SAP Young Thinkers community

Started in 2015 as a grassroot movement, the SAP Young Thinkers community is more of a mindset than a program – made to inspire young people at secondary and vocational schools and curious IT beginners to learn about computer and data science, as well as economy. The Young Thinkers mindset embraces empathy, exchange, experimental learning and experience. 

Teamwork is the foundation of this community – it's why we work with SAP colleagues, SAP Young Thinkers ambassadors and a global network of diverse institutions including schools, universities, not-for-profits, start-ups, ministries and corporate organizations to provide students the opportunity to learn and practice 21st century skills.

Our mission is to:

We are updating this page frequently, so check back often for updates related to online courses, opportunities, learning activities and inspiration for your young thinkers!

Our approach to learning

The challenges of today‘s world require new ways of learning to achieve digital skills and foster holistic, critical and solution-oriented thinking. Freedom and fun is the philosophy behind our learning opportunities.

Step 1 - Get Excited: Experience how exciting it is to discover something new. Participate in one of our learning parties #Go Digital Night. Explore our online tutorials and courses or try Snapcloud at your own pace. 

Step 2 - Experiment: Find your topic of interest, start to experiment your own way and practice as much as you can – just like in sports – the more you try, the more fun it will be. 

Step 3 - Build expertise: Expand your knowledge and skills, become an expert and create or invent something completely new. 

We encourage young thinkers to create and invent

Computer and Data Science with Snap! Programming

Snap!, a cloud-native graphical programming environment and online community, has been translated into more than 40 languages and is used around the world – from Göttingen to Beijing – for teaching and research. Snap! has been designed for inclusion. Its low floor welcomes beginners and its multi-media capabilities invite creative thinkers of all ages. At the same time, Snap! offers sophisticated abstractions that are otherwise only found in the most advanced programming languages for artificial intelligence.

More for young thinkers to create and invent

Digital Literacy Basics

Help young people understand our digital everyday life with a modular scheme from IT2Schools* for children of nine and up. 

German only, more modules and languages will be available soon. ​


Get a basic understanding of holistic thinking and economy – as well as a deeper knowledge of business processes – with SAP4School by using a real SAP system in your classroom. The ERP Simulation Game is fun way to get to know SAP S/4HANA through gaming.​

*in cooperation with Wissensfabrik

SAP Young Thinkers community members

The SAP Young Thinkers Community lives a real community approach with a diverse network of great SAP Young Thinkers ambassadors around the globe and marvelous community members who co-develop curriculum, deliver workshops and Train-the-Trainers or join us to celebrate learning during Go Digital Nights. 

Featured Partner: The HPI-Schul-Cloud

The HPI-Schul-Cloud is designed to provide a technical basis for enabling students and teachers to use modern, digital teaching and learning materials in every class, just as apps can be used on smartphones and tablets.

SAP Young Thinkers in action

We run a wide range of events, programs, and opportunities designed to help students explore the possibilities of the digital world.

Current Courses

Join the Snap! online courses for beginners on the openSAP platform.

Upcoming Courses

Check back soon for updates related to online courses, opportunities, learning activities and inspiration for your young thinkers!

Virtual Events

Snap!Con 2020

After the world first Go Digital Night during Snap!Con at University of Heidelberg 2019, the next one will be first time ever virtual Go Digital Night during Snap!Con at UC Berkeley August 1st. 

Go Digital Night: Create Code for Constance

Join us for this live virtual event May 19, 2020 where we will learn how we can use Snap! to visuzalize data and get insights in our environment by analyzing data​. Registration details will be available soon for this virtual event.


SAP Young Thinkers and the DSAG Academy invite professionals and students to participate in an ERP Simulation game on June 19, 2020. Registration details will be available soon for this virtual event.

Join the SAP Young Thinkers community

Learn how you as an individual – or your school – can become a member and enjoy all the benefits of the SAP Young Thinkers community.

As a school

There are two types of memberships for schools. 

Associate membership (free of any charge)

  • Be part of our community to exchange and share best practices
  • Get informed about opportunities like workshops, 'Train the Trainers' events and Go Digital Nights
  • Use the SAP Young Thinkers logo on your school website

Full membership (cost-price based)

  • All the benefits of the associate membership, plus:
  • Access real SAP systems to teach in your classroom 


Complete the contact form below and email to

As an individual

There are multiple ways to engage:

  • Get informed about upcoming events (Go Digital Nights, virtual training sessions, and more)
  • Be part of one of our projects or competitions
  • Become a SAP Young Thinkers Ambassador at your child's school

Connect with us

Follow and contact us with comments, questions or feedback.





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