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Latest insights from SAPPHIRE NOW

Watch SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined sessions to see how becoming an intelligent enterprise can help you build resilience and succeed in times of crisis and recovery.

Charting Your New Path Forward

These are uncertain, extraordinary times that the SAP family and the world are navigating together. The world is fundamentally evolving, and the challenge upon us is how to plan for life in this new world while continuously learning how best to adapt and thrive.  

For many years, SAPPHIRE NOW has brought together our customers, partners, and colleagues — the best of SAP, this year we wanted to offer a different type of content — a series of conversations with leaders, thinkers, influencers, and experts to help our audiences navigate these challenging times.

Join SAP hosts and business executives, thought leaders, bestselling authors, well-known athletes, and innovators for candid conversations about the future of business and a world that is changing before our eyes. Each short episode will put viewers in the (virtual) room with luminaries who will share their insights on issues ranging from the future of workplace collaboration, to how leaders and managers need to think differently about engaging with their teams, to tips for staying our personal best during challenging times.

Unplugged sessions

Click on the session title below to learn more and watch the video session. 

We’re all navigating together through this new normal and we want to hear from you.

After viewing each video in the series below, you’ll have an opportunity to give us your feedback.  Let us know if the content was useful and what other information you would like to see so we can deliver a great experience.

Finding the Silver Lining

Juergen Mueller in conversation with Shiza Shahid, CO-Founder & Founding CEO of Malala Fund and Co-Founder of Our Place

Listen as Shiza and Juergen shed light on the current global events as an opportunity to rethink, reflect, and redesign. Shiza speaks about uncovering the inequities our world has revealed and explains how we must show up in moments like these and work to find the silver lining with the cards we are dealt.

Brands Showing Up to Lead with Purpose

Alicia Tillman in conversation with Andrew Robertson, CEO of BBDO

Now more than ever, consumers are challenging brands based on how they present themselves in times of crisis. Alicia Tillman and Andrew Robertson discuss what it takes to lead with purpose in order to strike the right tone and connect with audiences emotionally. They agree people are hungry for information, but it’s a matter of understanding our brand purpose, value and relevance that will help us deliver and support those around us.

This is a Movement, Not a Moment

Judith Williams in conversation with Dr. Eddie Glaude Jr., James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor & Chair, Center for African American Studies at Princeton University

Dr. Eddie Glaude Jr. sets historical context around the complexity of the moments we are witnessing around racial injustice in the United States and how the black community has always been subject to a certain kind of surveillance: over policed and under protected. To drive meaningful change, we need to continue having authentic and genuine conversations about race and injustice that work towards a better future. SPOTLIGHT: Akain Rowland, Founder & Owner of Scoops ‘N’ Smiles.

The Arena Experience After COVID-19

Luka Mucic in conversation with Daniel Hopp, Managing Director, SAP Arena and Adler Mannheim

Daniel Hopp paints the picture of what SAP Arena was like pre-corona, a vibrant place where communities came together to cheer for their favorite sports team and enjoy their beloved music artists. Luka and Daniel discuss the financial impact and what it means for customers, suppliers and partners. Hopp understands there is uncertainty around reopening and to which degree, but his goal is to have SAP Arena back to full capacity—using technology and digitization as means to do so.

The Psychology of Remote Work

Ryan Smith in conversation with Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist

Adam Grant has been working from home for over two decades, but that’s not to say he hasn’t experienced some hiccups during the new work from home normal. We can’t change our reality, but we can change our expectations and show ourselves a little more compassion along the way. Ryan and Adam discuss the three buckets of leadership and how people expect companies to proactively plan for the future and reimagine what we’ve taken for granted in the past.

A Crucible for Change

Eric Stine in conversation with Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global

“How are you doing?” used to be a question that followed a simple hello when connecting with a friend or colleague, but now strikes a different meaning. Arianna and Eric recognize that this time is an opportunity for a fresh start, refocusing company priorities around our health, wellness, and mental resilience. Arianna encourages us to limit news consumption and exercise positivity in hopes of using this time as a catalyst to make the big changes we have not done before.

A Story of Resilience

Brian Duffy in conversation with Jo Malone CBE, Founder and Creative Director of Jo Loves

Jo Malone credits her global success and hunger for life itself to her very humble upbringing— her mother was a beautician and father, an artist. Jo discusses her battle with breast cancer and how she found the will and a way to carry on and never lose faith. Even though neither have a crystal ball, Jo and Brian look towards the future, expressing their confidence in the entrepreneurial spirit and generation of young business that will lead us through these difficult times.

A Time to Upskill and Reskill Talent

Jill Popelka in conversation with Susan Ferrier, Group Executive, People and Culture at National Australia Bank

It’s times like these that really make us realize how essential people are to a company’s success. Susan takes us through NAB’s early days of crisis planning and how it has evolved to what it is today. She emphasizes the opportunity to upskill and reskill talent and how SuccessFactors is playing a vital role. Susan and Jill discuss what they believe the future of work will look like at NAB and how they are beginning to rethink business models in a post-pandemic world.

There’s No Playbook for an Unchartered World

Alicia Tillman in conversation with John King, Anchor + Chief National Correspondent, CNN

Whether it was the financial crisis of ’08 or the tragic events of 9/11, one thing remains true – there is no playbook on how to deal with large-scale global events. Alicia Tillman and John King discuss the spectrum of COVID-19 as not only a global economic issue, but the implications it has for public safety and mental well-being. As he shares his experiences reporting on crises all over the world, John reassures us that every crisis gives birth to new heroes.

Bias Towards the Now

Adaire Fox-Martin in conversation with Ian Bremmer, President of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media

Ian Bremmer is no stranger to the geopolitical space, speaking with business leaders, policy makers, and CEOs daily. Ian shares his perspective through a global lens—discussing the long-term effects of the global economic shutdown and the important role institutions play during these trying times. And he answers Adaire’s questions on how economies are coming out of this crisis: What will resilient supply chains look like? How will the geopolitical recession play out?

Fast Forward to the Future

Paula Hansen in conversation with Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA

From NASA rocket scientist to Girls Scouts of the USA CEO, Sylvia Acevedo's passion for STEM runs deep and continues to foster a culture that builds the foundation for a lifetime of leadership in STEM. Paula picks Sylvia’s brain on how she plans to keep their iconic Girl Scout Cookie Program relevant and top of mind. Sylvia realizes the majority of her Girl Scouts are 'digital natives,' making it her mission to help them understand they can become the creators of the next greatest technology—not just the users.

Bigger than Basketball

Ryan Smith in conversation with Adam Silver, Commissioner of the NBA

March 11: a day that will remain in Adam Silver and basketball fans’ memory for a very long time. The NBA was one of the first organizations to suspend their season and operations, forever changing the way we experience sports as we once knew it. The two compare notes, giving us the play by play on making big time decisions and talking through the challenges and opportunities around the future of the fan experience moving forward.

Reimagining the Fan Experience

DJ Paoni in conversation with Al Guido, President of the San Francisco 49ers

DJ Paoni, SAP President of North America and Al Guido, President of the San Francisco 49ers, the famed football franchise, talk about the importance of collaboration and keeping a strong line of communication open during difficult times. Al gives us the inside scoop on all things NFL draft and how working with the most sophisticated companies in the world helps him create an environment where his staff, players and fans feel connected: “I find myself more entrenched in the business now than I ever was.”

It’s Okay to Press Pause

Alicia Tillman in conversation with Karlie Kloss, SAP brand ambassador and Founder of Kode with Klossy

Alicia Tillman, SAP Global CMO, talks with Karlie Kloss, SAP brand partner and Founder of Kode with Klossy. The duo discuss adjusting to working from home, and share tips and tricks on how to remain disciplined and motivated as we chart a new path forward. From creating new virtual experiences to taking time for self-care, Alicia and Karlie reflect on the fact “it’s the small things we shouldn’t overlook during a time like this.”

A Time for Experimentation

Max Wessel in conversation with Malcolm Gladwell, best-selling author and public speaker

Max Wessel, SAP Chief Innovation Officer, talks with Malcolm Gladwell, well-known journalist and best-selling author, about navigating an uncertain world. From the pharmaceutical industry, educational system all the way to the sports industry, Malcolm believes that experimenting with technology in a way we’ve never thought about before, will be the key to figuring out better ways of coping with COVID-19. Malcolm brings us back to his early days as a journalist, covering the HIV epidemic, explaining: “Maybe I enter these things with more optimism than most people because I saw how well the system worked in the end the last time we were this scared.”

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