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Your Business Needs a Customer Lifetime Value Approach

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Event Overview

More and more high tech organizations have moved or are moving to provide subscription, solution, and outcome-based business models for their customers. While this model has proven valuable for both businesses and their customers at the onset, it doesn’t always mean a better overall customer experience. In fact, high tech companies are often surprised at the effort needed to maintain engagement with customers they had worked so hard to get. Customers, on the other hand, do not experience the ongoing engagement they need to be successful.  
These challenges often arise for the following reasons: 
  • Previous focus from marketing and sales shifted to the buyer’s journey ONLY up to the point of initial sales
  • Account-based marketing plans and sales compensation not aligned with the complete customer experience
  • Customer and prospect data housed in multiple, nonintegrated systems such as commerce engines, marketing automation, sales automation, and customer service solutions
  • Customer experience often rated on support quality after an issue has occurred – not across the entire customer experience with the brand and product set
  • Lack of internal KPIs measuring full lifetime value and customer utilization of products and services
Join high tech industry experts Cindy Zhou from Constellation Research and Charl Gokbayrak from SAP Hybris solutions, who will explain the importance of a customer lifetime value approach and provide insight into organizations that have overcome these issues along with the solutions they used to help them along the journey.
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Event Type Online - Live
Language English
Location North America, United States
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