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Take Back Control of Your Data Webinar

Online - Live
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Event Overview


Date: Thursday, April 13, 2017
Time: 2PM EST, 1PM CST, 11AM PST  

At one time, a traditional analytics platform may have satisfied your requirements. But times have changed. These days, you have new demands, techniques, and complexities that traditional analytics platforms simply weren’t designed to meet.

Has your organization become overwhelmed trying to maintain its source data and meet challenging analytical needs – such as data quality issues, high operating costs, or time-consuming reporting? If so, please join us for an informative Webinar focused on the benefits of deploying a more modern analytics platform.

In this session, you can find out how a modern analytics platform can help you to:

  • Gain insights on all data assets, whether structured or unstructured
  • Increase the speed of insights by analyzing data as and when needed
  • Achieve real-time transactional or strategic data analysis
Event Type Online - Live
Language English
Featured Speaker(s) Kevin Poskitt, Director, Digital Transformation Solutions SAP and Karthik Palanisamy, VP, Analytics itelligence North America
Location North America, United States
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