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Customer Snapshot: Overview

20% of the world's oxygen comes from the Amazon Rain Forest

So many of the world’s natural resources come from the Amazon, yet deforestation is threatening our supply of everyday things we take for granted: lumber, chocolate, nuts, medicines, plants, carbon storage and even air and climate maintenance. Fundação Amazonas Sustentável – The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation – (FAS) coordinates initiatives throughout the Amazon to make a positive impact locally and around the world. In 2014, SAP donated SAP Lumira to provide real-time visions of FAS’s programs. Now they can make better decisions more quickly with bigger impact.

Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS)

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Amazon, Brazil

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Customer Snapshot: History

Supporting Local Communities, Conserving Vital Resources

The Sustainable Amazonas Foundation (FAS) is a non-governmental organization created on December 20th, 2007 to champion the challenge of making tropical forests more valuable standing than cut-down, by designing and implementing innovative arrangements to recognize and reward traditional forest people for the environment services provided to the world through forest conservation.


Conserving the rainforest for a better future.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model


Conservation Close to Home

FAS’s mission is to promote the embracement of sustainability leading towards an environmental conservation model that considers the enhancement of traditional forest people´s quality of life in the Amazon.

FAS was created to improve the lives of the “ribeirinhos” (riverine population) – the guardians of the forest.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy


Think Big, Start Small and Move Fast

Conserving the rainforest is as important as the air we breathe.

FAS is committed to conserving forests and improving the people's welfare by:

Reducing deforestation

Poverty alleviation

Developing innovative technologies

Supporting social organization

Fostering income generation based on sustainable activities

Conserving biodiversity

Contributing to improve social indicators

Providing and supporting education

The Challenge

Challenging Logistics and Immeasurable Benefits

In December 2014, FAS realized they needed to improve indicators in order to track the effectiveness of their programs. Some impacts were not measurable. Other times, knowledge of results was delayed by months. With small, decentralized parts and a system based on spreadsheets and paper, coordinating efforts was a major challenge.

Another major challenge is the logistics of reaching the river communities located throughout miles of rivers that connect like a web, without any road access.


Technology is the key to closing the gap among widely dispersed communities.

One common challenge faced by non-profits is increasing efficiency in a scenario of limited resources. We want to build a better world, and we need to make sure we are making the best of what we have. — Virgilio Viana, Chairman of FAS

Enter SAP

A Cost-Effective Solution to Hit the Ground Running

FAS and SAP Brazil analyzed the challenges faced by a disconnected legacy system. They concluded that SAP Lumira would provide the ideal technological solution, with robust analysis tools and data visualization. SAP Lumira could deliver the data through an intuitive system that would be easy and cost-effective to implement.

SAP Lumira‘s intuitive interface eliminates the need for extensive training and supervision.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

FAS teams up with SAP CSR to Help Save the Amazon Rain Forest

In addition to the donation of SAP Lumira, SAP also offered the services of three SAP professionals to work with representatives of FAS across several project areas to complete implementation in four months. They then consolidated all data in SAP Lumira within less than a month.

With a powerful analytics tool, FAS can turn their focus to vital conservation efforts.

The team configured ten panels of visualization in the cloud to offer various options for analyzing data. With the flexibility of SAP Lumira in the cloud, managers can also create new ways to represent the data according to their needs.

SAP Lumira running in the cloud ensures more stability and availability for the solution, besides requiring lower investment in infrastructure and being simpler to maintain and having better cost efficiency. – Renato Amaro, SAP’s Center of Excellence in Analytics

Better Business

Real-Time Data Delivers Real-Time Solutions

What used to take weeks can now be analyzed in moments. That means big efficiencies and huge gains for this non-profit organization. FAS partners and stakeholders can make quick decisions that save time, money and valuable natural resources, impact thousands of local residents, and create a global positive impact as well.


A robust data management solution lets users customize their analyses to get stronger results, faster.

Anyone can use SAP Lumira, it is a really intuitive tool. With virtually no training, technology is helping us identify where we need to focus resources and where they will be most effective. – Virgilio Viana, Chairman, Fundação Amazonas Sustentável

Better Business: Benefits

Management Improvements and Better Efficiency on Project Implemantation

With SAP Lumira, FAS has access to consolidated local data that gives them a snapshot of the communities they serve from demographic breakdowns to data on their social, economic, health, and education programs. This data enables them to budget resources and prioritize investments based on need and availability, creating more efficient, effective programs to 573 communities throughout 10.8 million hectares.


river communities throughout

>10.8 million

hectares in the Amazon Forest

Thanks to the new system that gives FAS visualized aggregated data, more efficient programs are delivered to the 40,000 people it benefits.


The rainforest is already reaping the benefits of this new robust initiative.

Better Business: Run Simple

Making Connections Across Vast Distances

Saving the Amazon is an ambitious mission. 573 disconnected riverside and indigenous communities with limited access to technological resources are in need of healthcare, education, and economic development, which further intensifies the challenges FAS faces. As a result of the SAP CSR initiatives, all data from programs reaching this network is now fully integrated and positioned for growth and success as they move forward to make an impact locally and globally.

With so many rivers to cross, the best way to connect communities is in the cloud.

Today, we have access to centralized data which is available for real-time analysis, even when we’re talking about communities that are hours away from the nearest urban center and only accessible by boat. — Virgílio Viana, superintendent at FAS

Journey Ahead

Helping Communities Help Themselves

Now that FAS is live on SAP Business One, they are looking to support entrepreneurs as well as continuing developing courses that will help create new community-based products.


SAP helps FAS Run Simple.

Clean Planet & Climate Change
We are all affected by climate change. Lowering energy consumption and producing cleaner energy are essential to our well-being. SAP technology is helping our customers make the world more energy efficient, cleaner, and greener for future generations.
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