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Customer Snapshot: Overview

50 stores, 4 countries: Creating Powerful Global Brands Since 1938

For busy consumers with little time to shop, it’s vital to have easy access to the latest fashion trends for that special touch of glamour and luxury. The OrotonGroup recognizes this, and since 1938 has captured the hearts of millions of people across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia with a combination of great style, one-of-a-kind details, and warm, personal service.


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Ciber Inc.

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SAP Solutions

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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SAP ERP helped The OrotonGroup transform their multichannel retailing operations so they can adapt to ever-changing trends.

Customer Snapshot: History

A Golden Hit in Fashion Pop-Culture

Originally set up as a textile designer and importer of fabrics from Japan, the first cult Oroton product emerged in 1951 with a gold metallic mesh compact or “powder puff” for women that became a must-have fashion accessory and put Oroton in the spotlight as a luxury retailer with innovative designs. Today, Oroton sells a wide range of products for men and women including handbags, satchels and wallets, small leather accessories, jewelry, ties, umbrellas, knitwear, lingerie, men’s underwear and shoes.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Delivering Timeless Style

Oroton strives to create innovative designs with a focus on luxury and timeless style. In addition to its own brand Oroton, OrotonGroup has also been a leader in the distribution of international premium brands in Australia and New Zealand. Other OrotonGroup brands include GAP and Brooks Brothers.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Poised for Expansion

The OrotonGroup operates a diverse range of retail properties including retail stores, factory outlets, concession stores within department stores, wholesale, and a worldwide Oroton e-commerce website. The company continues to grow with a recent expansion of retail store locations throughout Asia.

The Challenge

Investing in the Core Brand Value

To enable their strategic vision, OrotonGroup set out to capitalize on the value SAP software was providing to the organization while enhancing user satisfaction. They had originally implemented the SAP ERP application as their business backbone in 2004. At that time the company also owned a number of upscale Australian retail fashion brands, including Marcs, Morrissey, and Aldo Shoes. In 2006 the company made the decision to divest those brands and focus on the core business brands. With the restructure complete, OrotonGroup realized it needed to rationalize its business software landscape.

Enter SAP

First Do No Harm

OrotonGroup made the decision to continue to invest in SAP software. As a multichannel business with international ambitions – selling an extensive range of merchandise styles, colors, and sizes – SAP was the only system that could meet the breadth of their requirements without disruption to their business operations. Upgrading the existing SAP ERP software to the latest version was the most cost-effective, safe, and logical choice. The OrotonGroup enthusiastically aligned their business processes with the standard SAP ERP functionality knowing the scalability gained would prepare them for future growth.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Full Speed Ahead with SAP

The SAP ERP software upgrade was completed by SAP GDC India as a technical upgrade. OrotonGroup also upgraded its database and entire SAP hardware environment, some of which was virtualized. The project was managed from Sydney, while the technical upgrade work was done offshore. The SAP ERP software upgrade produced the results the OrotonGroup wanted and provided the foundation to move forward with SAP.

Better Business

Stable Costs, Increased Profit

As a result of implementing SAP ERP, The OrotonGroup has been able to control IT costs, even as it continues to grow. While revenue and profits have been increasing, real IT costs have been stable. The retailer can now focus on projects that will deliver real commercial value and a return on investment for the business.

Better Business: Benefits

Fashioning New Markets Overseas

The latest SAP upgrade has yielded greater operational efficiencies which enable the OrotonGroup to streamline taxes, duties, and the other complexities of international trade, easing the way for overseas expansion. It also allows them to focus on running the business, not on the systems, which is critical in today’s competitive retailing environment.

Better Business: Run Simple

The Confidence to Grow

SAP ERP has provided the luxury fashion retailer with a platform for growth and the confidence to expand. The value OrotonGroup reaps from its SAP investment grows with each successful undertaking.

Journey Ahead

Luxury Delivered Internationally

OrotonGroup continues to rely on SAP software to support its international expansion. Having a world-class enterprise resource planning system to underpin their expansion into new markets allows them to continuously adapt and deliver products to consumers that make them feel good.

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