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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Refining raw suger from 40 countries

The daily mantra for employees of ASR Group is “to delight the customer”, and they don’t just mean with the sweet taste of sugar. For the largest sugar refiner in the world, it means simplifying processes in a complex supply chain, going to market faster, supporting the environment, and supporting communities.

ASR Group

US$8 billion

Number of Employees

Consumer Products

West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Customer Website

Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Cloud for Sales, SAP ERP, SAP HANA, SAP Jam

Customer Snapshot: History

Family Born and Family Grown

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Zero Carbon Footprint from the World's Largest Sugar Refiner


ASR Group is a global sugar refiner that owns many well-known brands including Domino®, C&H®, Florida Crystals®, Redpath®, Sidul® and Tate & Lyle®. Being responsible for the entire supply chain for every imaginable sugar product is very complex. Streamlining its sugar operations across the globe to manage business in the most efficient way possible is the company’s priority, but what feeds that priority is their underlying mission to delight their customers.


Community and Environment

ASR Group doesn’t stop at providing sweetness to the planet, but does their best to give back. At the brand level, communities are supported in causes such as the fight against childhood hunger and obesity. And, they are not only the only sugar refiner in the world to leave no carbon footprint, but they contribute clean electricity back to the grid in Florida.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy


The Power of Simplifying Processes

ASR Group executives are keenly aware of the benefits of efficiency and excellence. From HR processes to sales, manufacturing and product delivery, ASR Group embraces technology to transform their business.

The Challenge


Consistent Results from Five Different Supply Chains

As a complex company with the most diverse sugar product offering in the world, they have five different supply chains, and that demands simplification processes in order to create consistent results that they can predict, manage and support.


Knowing what they must do

Better Business


Strengthening Every Link

From HR to Finance, to Supply Chain and Sales, ASR Group partnered with SAP to create the most efficient and simplified processes imaginable—to take them from a transactional to an analytical way of running a company.

Better Business: Benefits


From Field to Table in the Cloud

With SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA running in the cloud, business needs can now be identified and solved within an hour, and by maintaining consistency across all brands, ASR Group can attempt to predict future trends, react to business requirements, and support customer needs.

Through the SAP Cloud for Sales solution, ASR Group can also gain insight into industry trends and customer information in real time from any mobile device. Sales representatives now have access to immediate information that lets them advise their customers of future trends and help them solve business issues faster than ever before—truly delighting their customers with service that goes above and beyond a typical sales call.


With SuccessFactors solutions, ASR Group can focus on retaining their best talent. From increased training and development programs to salary adjustments and recognition, the company has detailed insight into every aspect of what employees need to succeed, and what they want to stay happy in their jobs.


Running SAP Business Suite on HANA in the cloud

Better Business: Run Simple


Sweet Simplicity – Every Day

ASR Group can see things now in real time as they are developing. Mistakes can be turned around so they're not repeated, trends can be followed, information can be shared among all divisions immediately, and opportunities can be analyzed for optimal outcome.


Better analytics than ever. Go to market faster. Better forecasting. Delighting the customer even more.

Journey Ahead


Run Simple is the Way

ASR Group counts on SAP to continually evolve with innovative solutions to improve business.

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