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Customer Snapshot: Overview

30 million customers

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has a global presence, starting most prevalently in the UK, and also throughout Europe, some of the Far East, and as Citizens Bank brand in North America. Wanting to offer their customers the best deposit experience, RBS turned to SAP for help with a solution.

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

£15.150 billion (2014)

Number of Employees


Edinburgh, Scotland

Customer Website

Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP for Banking

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Bank of the Future

RBS offers personal and commercial banking throughout the world, and offers a full host of financial services such as lending, counseling, and investing. Embracing where disruptive technology has taken banking, they offer digital banking for customers, which has opened up their world and their customers’ worlds.
RBS even has a popular school-supported finance program for children called MoneySense, which makes saving, budgeting, accounting and investing every dime a really fun time for kids. Knowing this has a ripple effect into society’s future, RBS is committed to helping customers into the future.

The Challenge

Needing a Two-Pronged Solution

Underneath the main focus of customer satisfaction, RBS analyzed their situation and made a plan to create more advanced deposit management processes, and respond to customer’s needs by developing products faster. They knew they needed a solution that would meet both considerations.

Enter SAP


The Starting Point

RBS engaged with SAP as their chosen technology vendor and partner in transforming their deposit management processes with the SAP core banking platform.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


Relying on Experts

Key to selecting and relying on SAP solutions was to keep IT support costs to a minimum, and to ensure that the new technology was constantly maintained.

Better Business


Configuring all the Possibilities

From something you create, to something you configure

Better Business: Run Simple


Smart Architecture Makes it Fast and Customizable

RBS immediately appreciated and harnessed just how smart the SAP core banking platform really is. By allowing them to define products by their attributes, they can more precisely and quickly improve their customer products, such as depositing through mobile apps.

Journey Ahead


Recognizing Their Competitive Edge

RBS now looks forward to tapping into the many unique capabilities of the SAP core banking platform to serve their customers into the future. They are, after all, bankers – so are already looking after their investment.

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