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Ottogi: Elevating data and analytics insights with new predictive capabilities

Explore Ottogi’s journey with SAP

Looking to seize more opportunities from fast and accurate demand forecasting, Ottogi recalibrated its planning ability using the SAP HANA Cloud database and SAP Analytics Cloud solution. With these offerings, Ottogi gained powerful modeling and machine learning capabilities, helping it improve forecasting accuracy for a competitive advantage. 


different forecasting values provided weekly.



view of data for insights enterprise-wide.


source of forecasting data to base decisions on.

Our data is now more valuable than ever.

Chang Kyu Lee
Corporate Strategy Analytics Team Lead
Ottogi Corporation, Ltd.

The Challenge

Making forecasting more valuable in a fast-changing business

In the highly competitive food manufacturing industry, fast and accurate forecasting can be a competitive advantage, enabling organizations to analyze market share across regions and measure the impact of their strategies. Ottogi knew this, but its demand forecasting capabilities faced some challenges.


First, combining essential data from various sources needed for forecasting was a highly manual process. This led to inaccuracies and out-of-date information, making the forecasts less valuable. With forecasting performed monthly, Ottogi lacked instant insights into the fast-changing nature of the business. To fix this, the company needed a robust engine for data modeling and a central access layer.


Another challenge was getting data into the hands of business users. The data needed to be accurate, up to date, and accessible for deriving insights to share across the organization, and not siloed within any one department or line of business. 


To overcome these hurdles, Ottogi sought an analytics solution that allowed it to foster collaboration by providing users with an accurate 360-degree view of data across the business.

With the modeling enabled by SAP HANA Cloud and the visualizations offered by SAP Analytics Cloud, we’re looking forward to continuous innovation.

Chang Kyu Lee
Corporate Strategy Analytics Team Lead
Ottogi Corporation, Ltd.

The Solution

Combining powerful data management capabilities for precise insights

For Ottogi, SAP HANA Cloud provides the powerful data management capabilities needed to improve its forecasting capabilities while SAP Analytics Cloud gives business users the business insights they desire.


Bringing together the data needed for forecasting into SAP HANA Cloud, Ottogi unified market research data from Nielsen Holdings Inc., information from point-of-sales systems, and large amounts of data held on premise in the SAP BW/4HANA solution.


As this data is connected and available through a single access layer, it allows Ottogi to innovate with data modeling to create accurate forecasts. With the high-performance transaction and analytical capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud, Ottogi can build powerful models with machine learning to further improve the accuracy of the forecasts.


Using SAP Analytics Cloud, Ottogi can create customized dashboards based on specific algorithms to monitor forecasting and derive important insights. Having these dashboards in place means that all stakeholders can refer to one single source of truth for decision-making.

The Result

Gaining a competitive advantage from improved forecasting accuracy

Thanks to its new data landscape built on SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud, Ottogi has automated its weekly forecasting process, eliminating the need to manually compile forecast reports every month. 


SAP HANA Cloud provides a managed database as a service and SAP Analytics Cloud delivers business intelligence, augmented analytics, and enterprise planning capabilities all in one cloud-based solution.


To build its powerful forecasting model with machine learning capabilities, Ottogi took advantage of the embedded machine learning libraries in SAP HANA Cloud. The libraries provide algorithms for a variety of machine learning use cases, such as classification, regression, time series forecasting, and more. 


Drawing on these new predictive capabilities, Ottogi gets accurate demand forecasting results every week, helping the team better judge the impact of the company’s sales and marketing strategies.


As the forecasts are now more accurate and utilize timely data, the team at Ottogi can make data-backed decisions from the insights they gain. With accurate predictions, Ottogi has minimized business risk while maximizing profit opportunities.

The new insights are helping us reach a whole new level of accuracy. We’re thrilled with the outcome of this project.

Chang Kyu Lee
Corporate Strategy Analytics Team Lead
Ottogi Corporation, Ltd.

Future Plans

Setting the standard for ongoing innovation

Improved forecasting abilities are just the beginning for Ottogi. With its new data landscape, the company has created a blueprint for future innovation.


Taking advantage of SAP HANA Cloud for data management and the analytics capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud, Ottogi is looking to roll out more analytics use cases in the future.

SAP helps Ottogi run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Automated weekly demand planning reporting
  • Empowered users to make confident data-driven decisions utilizing relevant and timely data
  • Improved forecasting capabilities and created the blueprint for future innovation
  • Readied the business to roll out more analytics use cases in the future

Featured solutions and services

  • SAP HANA Cloud offers a single database as a service foundation for modern applications and analytics across enterprise data.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud enables integrated planning and analysis processes enterprise-wide for trusted insights and decision-making without doubt.

About Ottogi

Ottogi Corporation, Ltd. is one of the biggest food companies in Korea, best known for its curry powder, instant noodles, and many other popular products. Since its inception in 1969, Ottogi has grown into a globally recognized brand, exporting ramen, cooked rice, curry, and sauce products to 40 countries, including the United States, China, Australia, and Vietnam.

Industry Region Company size
Consumer products Anyang, South Korea 2,966 employees
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