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Insight Enterprises: Helping employees thrive with cloud HR

Explore Insight Enterprises’ journey with SAP

Recognizing that a team-oriented environment is crucial to its success, technology firm Insight Enterprises Inc. made a commitment to prioritize the needs and wants of its 11,000 employees. This decision led Insight to move HR operations to the cloud and enable intuitive self-services by deploying SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite.



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digital onboarding experience.

SAP SuccessFactors solutions have been a game changer for us. They’ve helped us improve our teammate experience while managing our HR operations more effectively.

Yvette Arnold
Senior Manager, HR Systems
Insight Enterprises Inc.

The Challenge

Growing a global business by investing in people

From humble beginnings in 1998, Insight Enterprises Inc. (Insight) has grown rapidly by understanding that its people are at the heart of its offerings. Its core values of “hunger, heart, and harmony” mean that investing in its employees, or “teammates,” is at the core of the company’s strategy.


A key priority for Insight was to improve employee experiences by streamlining HR processes. “To improve the teammate experience, we wanted to make it faster and easier to interact with the HR department,” comments Yvette Arnold, senior manager for HR systems at Insight. “We also wanted to reduce routine HR administration so that HR could spend more time engaging with teammates.”


However, with a rapidly expanding workforce across 19 countries, this would prove to be challenging. “We needed to centralize and digitalize our HR processes while harmonizing and integrating workflows,” says Arnold. “We also needed a solution that would enable us to offer intuitive self-services while helping us manage regulatory requirements in different countries.”

The HR workload would be significantly greater without the self-service functionality. It means that we have much more time to focus on assisting teammates with nonroutine tasks, such as delivering manager training or benefits planning.

Yvette Arnold
Senior Manager, HR Systems
Insight Enterprises Inc.

The Solution

Deploying a unified foundation for HR processes and employee experiences

As a longtime user of the SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution, Insight knew how powerful solutions could reshape its people processes. In deciding to move to the cloud, the company chose to deploy SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite (SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite), which they branded internally as “My Teammate Central” (MTC).


Integrated functionality across the suite supports process efficiency throughout the employee lifecycle. For example, hiring managers can initiate the creation of a job requisition from the position organizational chart without accessing another system. Required fields are auto-populated, reducing manual input and errors, such as incorrect job codes or department numbers. In addition, regularly updated localization features support advanced compliance management across diverse regions.


By digitalizing and automating processes on a unified HR foundation, Insight now offers its teammates intuitive self-service tools to access HR information or complete and submit required forms quickly and easily. Using the SAP Signature Management application by DocuSign, candidates and teammates can sign documents electronically during the recruitment and onboarding process, eliminating the need for paper-based processing.


To guide job candidates through the recruiting stages, Insight also implemented Olivia as its conversational recruiting assistant by Paradox, an SAP partner and participant in the SAP Endorsed Apps and SAP.iO Foundries programs. Olivia integrates with career sites linked to the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting solution. Olivia quickly answers candidate questions, guides and matches them to relevant job opportunities, and assists them in completing their application. This helps candidates feel connected and confident, while driving speed and efficiency in the hiring process.

The Result

Enabling faster, more-efficient HR workflows

With SAP SuccessFactors solutions used by the company’s entire workforce, enterprise-wide HR information is now stored in one place. The business now has better visibility across HR operations and allows HR personnel to quickly access the data they need to complete tasks and make informed decisions.


Localized compliance features streamline efforts to fulfill workforce regulations for different countries. Meanwhile, SAP Signature Management helps keep processes 100% electronic, providing the ability to store HR forms digitally.


Intuitive self-services make it more convenient for teammates to get the answers they need and provide the HR department with required information. Furthermore, more-efficient, automated processes and an increase in tasks being completed by teammates using self-services has reduced the amount of time spent by HR staff on routine administration.


Interactions with HR are now much smoother and more convenient for teammates. Self-services can be used at times that suit the user, with digitalized and automated workflows eliminating time-consuming paperwork. Meanwhile, the shift to digital recruiting and onboarding experiences, including Olivia, is improving the candidate experience and helping speed up recruitment processes so that candidates become new hires faster.

By providing us with a clear view of what we’re getting right and what we can improve on, SAP SuccessFactors solutions can play an invaluable role in informing future decision-making. In this way, we can continue to take steps to provide a positive working environment for our teammates.

Yvette Arnold
Senior Manager, HR Systems
Insight Enterprises Inc.

Future Plans

Making the most of cloud HR across the company

Insight continues to expand its use of SAP SuccessFactors solutions company-wide. Planned projects include the rollout of recruitment and onboarding functionality in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. In addition, the APAC and North America regions plan to use SAP Signature Management for electronic signatures during the recruitment process.


The company is also looking at how the software can help during employee offboarding and cross-boarding transitions. Through this, it hopes to provide teammates with what they need to successfully transition to a new role within the company or leave the company with a positive experience, all while saving time for HR staff.


Insight plans to implement the SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics solution to provide the HR team with detailed analytics and offer in-depth insights and key performance indicators across SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Furthermore, the company is gathering diversity, equity, and inclusion data to evaluate the effectiveness of its existing inclusion strategies.


Already recognized as having one of the most gender-diverse executive teams in the technology industry, the company continues to gather diversity information during onboarding and other processes. It has also added a field to track pronouns used by teammates.

SAP helps Insight Enterprises run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Increased HR efficiency, with more time for HR staff to engage with the workforce
  • Streamlined teammate experiences across the employee lifecycle
  • Enhanced teammate engagement and productivity, thanks to self-services and integrated workflows
  • Improved management of HR operations, with better visibility and support for compliance with regional workforce regulations

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