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SAP goes carbon neutral by 2023

Ethics and compliance at SAP

By doing business the right way, SAP can positively impact social and economic development, furthering education, justice, democracy, prosperity, development, and health worldwide. 

*The SAP Group Chief Compliance Officer (GCCO) has overall responsibility for the definition and management of our ethics and compliance program – from definition to implementation and consequence management. The GCCO reports directly to the SAP CEO and has direct access and reporting obligations to the Audit Committee within the Supervisory Board.

**Speak Out at SAP is a comprehensive and confidential reporting (whistleblower) tool created by Convercent. It allows for concerns about SAP-related incidents that potentially involve fraud, bribery, or other corrupt conduct to be reported and addressed. The tool is managed by the SAP Office of Ethics & Compliance.

Our sustainability policies, codes, and commitments

As a signatory of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact initiative, SAP is committed to respecting and promoting human rights across our operations, extended supply chain, and product lifecycle. 

Energy and environmental management

Learn about SAP entities that have received the ISO 14001 or ISO 50001 certification.

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