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Diverse group of people in casual meeting area discussing business transformation strategy

SAP Academy for People and Business Transformation

Help SAP reinvent itself

The People & Operations board area combines excellence in people with the cross-board area mandate of SAP’s business operations. Under the leadership of Sabine Bendiek, this team drives and further accelerates SAP’s transformation to the cloud by bringing together what creates the essential fabric of our company’s successful transformation: our people agenda, our systems and processes as well as our capabilities to enable insights, innovation and change both for SAP internally and for our customers.

Why a career program?

We want to build up a pool of early talents which have both technical and/or psychological know-how and are also aware of the end-to-end processes in order to support our people & business transformation.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for graduates with a background in business informatics or psychology (or a related subject) who are interested in technology trends and are eager to find new ways to simplify processes and tools.

What do we offer?

We offer a 12-month career program with a dedicated onboarding phase, on-the-job learning during 3 different rotations, mentoring and dedicated trainings.

Discover your path at the SAP Academy for People and Business Transformation

The SAP Academy for People and Business Transformation Program runs for a full year, in which you will undergo three rotations in different business areas that contribute to our transformation journey such as Intelligent Data & Analytics, Strategic Business Services and Global Diversity & Inclusion.

At the beginning, we are fully dedicated to providing a pleasant start for you and your peer program participants. Starting in April, we will introduce you to your future learning path, general program goals and your individually agreed learning objectives in two dedicated onboarding weeks. Through introductory sessions and workshops, you will gain insight into SAP's strategy, culture, and product portfolio, learn about personal development opportunities, and be equipped with the necessary skills.

You will then be ready to start your on-the-job learning experience in your rotations, which are estimated to be over the following time-period:

  • 1st Rotation: Mid of April until End of July
  • 2nd Rotation: Mid of August until End of November
  • 3rd Rotation: Mid of December until Mid of March

Additional program stages include workshop days that will take place between your rotations, where we will explore the topics of innovation & transformation together. In addition, there will be regular team meetings with the entire program, SAP Talks (personal development talks) as well as 1:1 meetings with the program management office team and your rotation manager. After the successful completion of the program celebrated on our graduation (Mid/End of March), you will join one of our operational teams within SAP.

SAP Academy PBT Timeline 2022-2023

Hear from current and former participants of the SAP Academy for People and Business Transformation

What's in it for you?

See some graduate success stories

Susanne Beckers
Graduate of the Academy 2018/19

Joining the Academy has given me a great chance to experience different teams and understand different business processes early on […] With this overview on different teams, the program has helped me to understand in which area my skill set fits best and where I can contribute most, while at the same time feeling happy and fully energized.

Elena Bernunzo
Graduate of the Academy 2019/20

The Academy Program provided unique training opportunities, mentorship, as well as three challenging assignments with three different organizations across SAP. I was happy to join SAP Digital, SAP Digital Supply Chain, and Field Operations for my rotations, and still stay in contact with many of the colleagues I met throughout.

Maham Lodhi
Graduate of the Academy 2020/21

The Academy Program helped me rediscover my career ambitions and start chasing my goals. From onboarding weeks until the day of graduation it was made sure that we learn, experiment and develop new skills. I think the freedom to join any department, discover and learn about their processes, and grasp as much as possible from the surroundings has helped me a great deal.

Gerardo Lindacher Echeverria
Graduate of the Academy 2020/21

I had the opportunity to rotate in my current team during the year of the SAP Academy for People and Business Transformation. This rotation opened the doors for me to a new board area, gave me the possibility to broaden my network and show my work to the managers. At the end of this rotation, the manager contacted me and shared asked me to join the team after the program.

Learn more about the cornerstones of the SAP Academy for People and Business Transformation


Our Mission: Driving SAP’s transformation into an Intelligent Enterprise. During three rotational phases, you will gain insights into different topics and cooperate with other business units. You will work in various fields such as process and governance, innovation and talent attraction to support the teams in simplifying processes to support the overall strategy to become an Intelligent Enterprise. You will acquire an understanding of the end-to-end processes of an international cloud-company and gain a valuable foundation for a successful career at SAP.

User centricity

Deepen your understanding of the needs, wishes, and requirements of our end users at SAP. Use the opportunity for a challenging job shadowing assignment in project-relevant business units of our internal customers.

Continuous learning

We provide you with the necessary tools, training, and all the help you need to develop yourself both professionally and personally. Benefit from our dedicated onboarding program, workshops, on-the-job and classroom training and the guidance of a mentor and buddy.

What do colleagues and managers say about the program?

Thomas Saueressig
Board Member, SAP Product Engineering, SAP SE

We win talented graduates with the right innovation mindset and spirit thanks to the trainee program. Trainees get a holistic view of the different tasks and responsibilities within our board area and help SAP deliver the Intelligent Enterprise.


Thomas Ludwig
Marketing & Solutions, SAP SE

This 1-year program is simply awesome and helps SAP to onboard some of the most amazing talents. At the same time, participants have the unique opportunity to get a taste of three different SAP units. This helps them decide on their future path and make the best choice for their first ‘real job’ at SAP.


Sven Mergenthaler
Strategic Business Services, SAP SE

The SAP Academy for People and Business Transformation is not only a highly sophisticated career starter, it is a fundamental baseline for being prepared to work wherever you like within the SAP Intelligent Enterprise journey. It is unique compared to all other Academies I have heard of. You want to explore more? Join our talent community or apply via the portal during our application period.

Derya Goekcay
Corporate Transformation Organization, SAP SE

I am a huge advocate and supporter of the program since I truly believe in the fresh and innovative perspectives talented graduates bring to our teams. While the Academy is a great opportunity for the candidates to grow and gain insights into various business areas within SAP, their diverse mindsets and experiences also make a substantial contribution to the success of our teams.


Thorsten Spiess
Intelligent Enterprise Solutions, SAP SE

The SAP Academy for People and Business Transformation is unlocking the great potential of  talents at SAP. Gain deep insights & experience about SAP’s transformation journey by directly contributing with your skills & experience but most importantly your passion for innovation. Working in agile & dynamic teams in various business organizations is not only fun – it also creates your network of experts across SAP that is substantial to be successful in what you do next!

Are you ready for the next step?

Invest some time and check whether SAP is the right employer for you. Read more about our strategy, business goals, software, and employees. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and other social media.

Apply online using a PC or mobile device. Send us your letter of motivation, curriculum vitae (preferably without a photo), current university certificates, and certificates of internships and work experience. Make sure that your contact details are still correct.

The file types accepted for uploading documents are: Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, PPT, XLS, CSV and image and text formats.

Start of the program is April 01. The application phase for the start in 2023 will be from mid-August to end of September, 2022 in Germany.


  • Master’s degree in business administration, business informatics, psychology, or a related field
  • Less than two years of working experience at the start of the program       
  • Knowledge of cloud business and its impact on software companies and the associated transformation journey (IT architecture, business processes, and HR)
  • Passion for IT, HR and interest in new trends like machine learning, for example
  • Fluency in English (proficiency in German is a plus)


  • Experiences in project management and agile or scrum approaches
  • You question the status quo and are eager to find innovative ways to simplify processes and tools
  • You are creative and curious to learn
  • You see change as an opportunity for growth and can easily adapt to new working modes and different cultural environments
  • You have a strong, result-driven and ambitious attitude as well as a hands-on mentality
  • You are a good team player
  • To you, sharing knowledge and networking are major keys to success
  • You have a logical, analytical, process-oriented mindset
  • You enjoy dealing with complexity

Interested in our program?  

If your application documents have convinced us, we will invite you to a telephone interview with the recruiter as a first step. If you convince us here, the next step is to participate in a one-day assessment center in November. Here you participate in a group discussion and assignment, as well as another face-to-face interview with our functional departments. The selection process will be completed in December. The program starts in April. If you receive an offer, our recruiting department will work out the details with you. 

Do you have any further questions? We will be happy to answer them.

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