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At SAP, we offer some of the best employee benefits in our industry, from performance-based rewards to über comprehensive packages. We recognize that different people have different needs, and our benefits extend beyond health care coverage and retirement plans, with a variety of options to help you juggle the demands of your career and life. Your particular benefits package will depend on your position, location, and years with the company – and all of them come with plenty of flexibility for you and your family.

Medical & Prescription Drug


Health Savings Account

Life Insurance

Flexible Spending Accounts

401(k) saving plan


Voluntary Benefits

Learn more about additional healthcare benefits

Wellness Programs

Provides personal support and resources to help you manage life with diabetes. The program uses the latest technology to help you connect your meter so you can view blood glucose levels online, communicate with Certified Diabetes Educators who can help answer nutrition and lifestyle questions, and access unlimited strips and lancets with no hidden costs or co-pays.

Helps you make informed decisions about in-network providers based on price, quality, and convenience. In addition to accessing reviews and tracking expenses, you can search for providers and view and compare costs based on your plan and deductible status. It’s free and you can access it from anywhere.

You can take advantage of this program to help you and your family make healthy eating and exercise choices. You have access to your own personal health coach, and access to a mobile app with an easy-to-use food and exercise.

Additional Benefits For Working Moms & Dads

A travel solution for breastfeeding moms. Milkstork is a breast milk delivery service for business traveling moms. Nursing moms can use overnight express shipping or easy toting of breast milk home to baby when they are on the road.

Enhanced Infertility services
Covers two cycles of assisted reproductive technology (ART) — including In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) — per lifetime. A cycle includes the process of preparing for ART, retrieval and fertilization of eggs, and implantation of embryo(s). There is also a $15,000 prescription drug lifetime maximum available for medications related to infertility treatment.

Flex appeal
Gives you the benefit of working flexible hours, which means you can arrange yours schedule around personal circumstances.

Paid family leave
SAP employees are eligible to take up to 6 weeks of Paid Family Leave after the birth of their child if the baby is born while the parent is employed by SAP.

Adoption leave
SAP employees are eligible to take up to 6 weeks of Adoption Assistance Leave after the adoption or placement of their child if the child is placed or adopted while the parent is employed by SAP.

Pregnancy disability return-to-work transition time
During the first 4 weeks back to work, mothers can reduce their work schedules to ease back into active employment at the conclusion of maternity and paid family leave with full pay and benefits.

Healthcare Benefit Enhancements
Medical Bill Saver
Helps you negotiate uncovered medical or dental bills with a balance of $400 or moreby using a critical pricing trend information.

Provides you 24/7 access to a national network of physicians who provide quality healthcare through convenient and confidential telephone or online video consultations. Teladoc physicians can diagnose, treat and write prescriptions for routine medical conditions, such as sore throat and stuffy nose, allergies, cold and flu, respiratory infection, urinary tract infection and pink eye.

Holistic Cancer Diagnosis And Treatment Benefits
SAP Corporate Oncology Program (COPE)
The Corporate Oncology Program for Employees (COPE) is a physician-ordered health benefit offered to eligible employees who have been diagnosed with a solid tumor cancer. Supported by the SAP HANA® platform, COPE provides free and confidential access to precision medicine through an in-depth molecular-medical analysis aimed at helping physicians make better-informed treatment decisions. The innovative testing translates the language of genes into actionable data specific to your cancer and your body. COPE was developed by the precision medicine company Molecular Health and is provided through the medical laboratory Institute of Immunology and Genetics (IIG). COPE is available in the US, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia.

Provides information and tools so you can understand and manage your inherited risk for common hereditary cancers, like breast, colon, melanoma, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, stomach, and uterine cancers through a simple saliva test.


Enhanced Transgender Benefits

The cost of pharmaceutical puberty suppression, care for complications stemming from treatments and other procedures for feminization/masculinization may be covered as well.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program offers free support to employees and their eligible dependents in resolving personal issues that may affect their health, well-being, family life, or job performance.


Competitive Salaries

To help you meet your financial goals:
  • Your competitive base pay reflects your role’s value at SAP
  • Your annual bonus reflects your contribution to SAP’s success

Award-Winning Equity Programs



At SAP, we know our workforce is key to our success and we acknowledge the commitment of our employees. Employees who give their best for SAP every day should also have a stake in SAP’s success. That’s why we offer an award-winning employee share purchase plan, enabling employees to own a part of SAP and build long term value. Employees become shareholders, are entitled to voting rights at the Annual Shareholders Meetings and receive dividends.

Move SAP: Our RSU program for select employees who provide a significant impact to business success

Learning and Development

Combine your talents with SAP opportunities to create an amazing career. We’ll be your biggest cheerleaders and provide you with the development tools, training, and support you need to turn your career dreams into reality.

  • Enjoy programs customized for you, like: Expert Experience, Aspiring Leaders, Board Area Programs, Leadership Excellence Acceleration Program.
  • We offer career advice, mentoring, coaching and training with Employee Experience one-on-one consultations.
  • You can attend trainings such as Jump-Start Your Career, Build Your Personal Brand, or CV training.


Our culture of appreciation acknowledges excellence.
The Hasso Plattner Founders’ Award is the highest employee recognition at SAP. It’s awarded annually by the CEO to an individual or team whose extraordinary achievement best delivers on SAP’s vision and strategy.

The Appreciate program is a simple and consistent approach to recognizing and rewarding each other – across all levels. Employees recognize others and be recognized themselves for demonstrating and living How We Run in their everyday work.

Healthy people = healthy SAP

Everyone wins when employees feel healthy and cared for. At SAP, the health management team “measures” this feeling with the Business Health Culture Index (BHCI) – a score for how employees view our social investments, carbon footprint, gender equality, and more. They also run some interesting health-related programs. Check out  examples below.

Mind over matter

Do you dream of working at a more mindful company? With the SAP Global Mindfulness Practice program we’re making great strides in using mindfulness to transform company culture and improve individual well-being, productivity, self-management, and leadership skills.

Run Your Way initiative on Fit@SAP

This program connects and encourages our employees of all generations and physical conditions worldwide to integrate physical activity into their daily life through the aid of a Web application. In 2018, more than 10,000 of our people participated actively.  

Corporate Oncology Program for Employees (COPE)

Supported by SAP HANA, COPE (available in the US, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia) offers eligible SAP employees’ access to precision medicine through an in-depth molecular-medical analysis aimed at helping physicians make better-informed treatment decisions.  

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program offers free, confidential, and impartial expert advice and support to employees and their eligible dependents in resolving personal issues that may affect their health, well-being, family life, or job performance – 24x7.


In addition to global programs, local health and well-being services are available to employees in various office locations. Here some examples:

  • health check-ups
  • ergonomic consultation
  • cancer screenings
  • second medical opinions
  • financial wellness enablement sessions
  • on-site fitness centers and activity classes

Diversity and Inclusion

SAP employees represent more than 140 nationalities and come from all walks of life. We know that to perform at our best as a company, our employees must feel free to be their true selves at all times. We embrace and encourage different perspectives and believe we are made stronger by our unique combination of culture, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental ability, and work-life situations.

  • Success for everyone – across generations, cultures, and identities
  • Support for gender diversity and differently-abled people

Corporate Social Responsibility

We’re also passionate about corporate social responsibility (CSR). We help provide free education and job opportunities in places like Africa and Brazil. We donate technology solutions to social enterprises. We help nongovernmental organizations to run better through social sabbaticals and volunteering. We host digital literacy programs such as SAP code weeks.  

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Work. Play. Live.

Strike the perfect work/life balance. We want our employees to love it here, so all work and no play is just not an option. We offer flexible work schedules, opportunities to work from home, time off for volunteering, and so much more. 


Want to work in your hometown, on the other side of the world, or somewhere in between? SAP has offices on most continents, in more than 78 countries – and we’re continuously expanding our presence in new and exciting places.

Employer awards

SAP has been recognized for a number of employee awards in countries and regions all around the world. We won 297 awards in 2019 alone. Check them out and you’ll see why SAP is such a great place to work – whether you’re just entering the workforce or have been around the block a hundred times.
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