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SAP edukacija 2014 Pogledajte raspored treninga za 2014. godinu! Raspored treninga
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Training and Education Spotlights

SAP Learning Hub Wins TSIA Star Award

SAP Education is this year’s winner of the annual STAR Award for Innovation in Enabling Customer Success, Education Services, for successful enablement of SAP’s customers and partners via SAP Learning Hub.

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SAP edukacija 2014

Pogledajte raspored treninga za 2014. godinu!

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Discover Cloud-Based Learning

Discover a new approach to training – a cloud-based solution available anytime, anywhere. Get immediate access to learning content on SAP solutions and experience collaborative learning.

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Make Your Messages Heard with Cloud-Based Communications Software

Deliver the right information to the right employees at the right time – and make sure they understand it – with cloud-based communications software for all devices.

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Train Without Travel Via Virtual Live Classrooms

Virtual live classrooms give you the best of both worlds: the same course material offered in our standard, live classroom setting delivered in an instructor-led, virtual environment.

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IDG Video: Do More With Less Via Classic Delivery Learning

Discover how you can cost-effectively bring your end users up to speed with classic, blended learning tools that help build and deliver training content in over 40 languages.

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