SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

Uncover and seize new opportunities anytime, anywhere – with our Web Intelligence software

Get instant answers to your business questions and take action on the fly – with fast, decision-ready insights from any data source. Our Web intelligence software can provide your business users with flexible, intuitive ad hoc reporting tools and interactive analytics – on the Web, desktop, or mobile device.

  • Deliver personalized business intelligence to your colleagues, customers, and partners
  • Improve productivity by giving users an intuitive tool and clearing IT backlogs
  • Improve ad hoc reporting and analytics across any data source with a flexible framework
  • Get the insights you need, when you need them, no matter where you are
Manager using Web intelligence software on his laptop and mobile device
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Business man looking at a mobile tablet

VELUX: Shedding Light on Performance

Find out how VELUX – a top brand skylight manufacturer – is using SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence to give users flexible, self-service access to trusted data and reporting. The result? Greater agility, swifter decision making, and lower IT costs.

Colleagues looking at reports

BBC: Driving Financial Transformation

How is broadcasting giant BBC reducing costs and boosting performance? With SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions. Now more than 1,300 cost centers are supporting decisions with fast, easy access to complex, multisource financial data.

Lab technician looking through a microscope

Beaumont: Enhancing Patient Care

Discover how Beaumont Health System is using our Web Intelligence software to continuously improve the quality of patient care. Beaumont is now able to generate complex reports in under a minute and comply with “meaningful use” reporting requirements.*

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