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  • "B&G Manufacturing: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    B&G Manufacturing is a family owned business that manufactures specialty fasteners and machine parts for the energy industry. Watch how it is uses SAP Business All-in-One and SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence to gain real-time oversight of its shop floor.

  • "hybris" >

    Find out how SAP partner hybris extended its market reach by integrating its solution with the SAP Business ByDesign solution, creating a ready-to-use on-demand e-commerce software and services offering. The company is now succeeding in helping customers manage their most challenging e-commerce requirements.

  • "SAP Business ByDesign Starter Packages: Overview Video" >

    SAP Business ByDesign starter packages enable you to get up and running quickly, maximizing the benefits of standard best practices. With starter packages, you get up and running quickly while laying the foundation for expansion as your business grows.

  • "Deafblind UK " >

    Find out how the national charity Deafblind UK has used SAP Business One to meet its needs as it grows. The software has helped reduce data-entry duplication, lower costs, raise efficiency, and enable more people to receive better assistance.

  • "Greenheck Fan: Customer Reference Video" >

    Greenheck Fan Corp. is a leading manufacturer of ventilation equipment. Discover how this industry leader is using SAP Business All-in-One to achieve its vision of shorter production and shipping cycles, increased order velocity, and acquiring new business.

  • "Treadsetters" >

    See how SAP Business One provides Treadsetters, a UK-based tire wholesaler, with the business control and transparency it needs to succeed in a tight margin business and build a global brand.

  • "Ez-Flo" >

    Learn how this manufacturer of plumbing and hardware supplies is using SAP software to deliver stellar customer service. ID4 Durable Goods, a qualified SAP Business All-in-One partner solution offered by Idhasoft Inc. and based on SAP Business All-in-One for Consumer Products, helps EZ-FLO run leanly and efficiently.

  • "ILC Prostep: Meet Our Customer Video" >

    This German IT service provider and software developer brings transparency to its customers' production processes using tools and technology from SAP. Learn how SAP Business ByDesign helped the company improve its own business processes.

  • "Music Message: Meet Our Customer Video" >

    Explore how this innovative audio marketing company replaced a heterogeneous software landscape with SAP Business ByDesign and reduced its total cost of ownership. With reliable, real-time information and fewer administrative tasks, Music Message can now fully concentrate on its core business.

  • "Spentex Industries" >

    Learn how Spentex replaced all of its siloed solutions with the SAP Business All-in-One for Mill Products solution, which enabled it to consolidate and integrate operations across the board, save greatly on IT costs, and react more nimbly to business challenges.

  • "SAP Business ByDesign for Subsidiaries: Overview of Functional and Technical Integration with Headquarters SAP ERP" >

    This paper focuses on the integration between SAP Business ByDesign and SAP ERP. It describes the six integration scenarios between SAP Business ByDesign and SAP ERP: data exchange, process integration, master data integration, analytics integration, IT management integration, and structured custom integration.

  • "CEPROCS" >

    Learn how a global professional services provider – specializing in purchasing solutions – integrated its IT infrastructure to not only support an existing successful business, but also lay the foundation for future growth. The firm identified and implemented SAP Business All-in-One as the best fit to meet its goals.

  • "Sailing Team Germany: 360 Degree Customer Video" >

    See how Sailing Team Germany sails faster and smarter to reach its goals with SAP on-demand software. SAP Business byDesign and individually developed solutions based on the SAP NetWeaver technology platform and other SAP solutions comprise the software used by the team.

  • "Pacific Drilling: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how Pacific Drilling implemented SAP solutions in 16 weeks. Pacific Drilling chose SAP for our trusted solutions and built-in best practices. SAP solutions were needed for quick, reliable, efficient decision making with more information and to prepare for growth.

  • "Telltale Signs That Say You’ve Outgrown Your Current Systems" >

    Having the right software and technology is essential to growing a business – yet many companies feel the constraints of inadequate systems. Outdated applications, manual processes, and countless integration challenges consume time and resources. Read this paper to review the signs that say it’s time to upgrade.

  • "Solution Configurator for SAP Business All-in-One Express: Product Tour" >

    Take a tour of the solution configurator for SAP Business All-in-One Express.

  • "SAP Business ByDesign -- Financials Made Easy: Overview Video" >

    Do you need a quick and affordable financial package that will grow with your business? With the SAP Business ByDesign starter package for financials, you get a growth-ready, integrated solution that provides the accounting control and transparency you need while allowing expansion into other areas when you are ready.

  • "Fast Energy" >

    Get a glimpse of how this Kenyan petroleum product supplier for East Africa achieved real-time reporting by deploying SAP Crystal Reports, version for SAP Business One. The software helped the company manage its purchase and sales processes so it could buy and sell fuel more efficiently.

  • "Enfinity" >

    See why this rapidly expanding renewable energy company chose SAP solutions to help its business processes keep pace with its growth. The firm particularly values the built-in support for best practices and multiple countries; embedded business analytics; fast reporting functions; and friendly user interface.

  • "Fisker Automotive: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    SAP software helped Fisker Automotive, a manufacturer of environmentally-friendly cars, get its luxury extended-range electric vehicles on the road faster. Hear how the company is depending on SAP software to help take it forward.


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