Strike the right balance between supply and demand with our SCM software

Improve global demand forecast accuracy and leverage collaborative planning processes – to consistently balance supply and demand. Our SCM software can help you quickly respond to market opportunities and supply chain disturbances, for maximised profitability and minimised costs.

  • Commit to orders with full confidence and increase customer satisfaction
  • Control supply chain costs and reduce inventory across your network
  • Facilitate collaboration for improved visibility and decision making
  • Integrate purchasing, manufacturing, and distribution
  • Align data with partners to improve supply chain efficiency
Colleagues discussing demand and supply planning around a table
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Circuit board representing improved supply network planning

Collaborative Supply and Demand Planning

Create a responsive supply network. Watch this quick demo to see how our supply chain management solutions can help you improve supply network planning, enhance demand management, and synchronise data sharing and delivery – for better alignment across your pipeline partners.

Cheesemaker, representing Arla Foods’ use of open-standards enterprise integration

Arla Foods: Harmonising Global Processes

Learn how this large dairy cooperative – owned by more than 10,000 milk producers – is integrating operations and harmonising processes worldwide. See how the company is leveraging solutions for open-standards enterprise integration to significantly reduce work hours and plant stoppages.

Pipe fitter, representing Amanco’s success with SAP SCM software

Amanco: Improved Order Fulfillment by 51%*

How is this Brazilian PVC pipe and pipe fitting producer increasing sales, market share, and operational efficiency? With our supply chain management software. See how the company is improving on-time order fulfillment, reducing total inventory by 15% – and cutting working capital by 17%.*

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