SAP Business Suite

Manufacturing – Innovations 2011 features

Closed-Loop Quality Management

  • Improve compliance processes with extended digital signatures
  • Extend the audit trail for visibility into all related production processes
  • Process defects more efficiently with more flexibility to switch notification types

Efficient Manufacturing Operations for Process Industries

  • Improve quality of delivered products
  • Enhance production planning accuracy
  • Increase visibility into work in process
  • Provide better documentation of production completion
  • Make production tracking in batch operations more reliable

Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture Support

  • Reduce customisation and maintenance with out-of-the-box functionality for ERP and plant process integration
  • Speed time to value for plant composite applications
  • Enable two-way synchronisation of ERP and plant data
  • Orchestrate processes supported by business logic and data services in the SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) application

Quality Issue Management

  • Provide a comprehensive, real-time overview of quality-related activities
  • Save process and product costs with flexible tracking of issues and activities with high usability
  • Increase competitiveness while ensuring compliance with industry standards
  • Solve product quality and warranty issues more efficiently

Plant worker representing SAP business suite applications for manufacturing
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