SAP Digital Asset Management by OpenText

Digital Asset Management Software

Explore why rich media is now a preferred format to capture, manage, and deliver digital assets to promote brand and marketing messaging of portfolios, products, and services. To gain business benefits from these innovative digital assets, you need a strategy that integrates with your business operations.

  • Increase process efficiency through integrated management and built-in workflow for digital media
  • Manage converging digital media, including Web channels, broadcast, and on-demand options
  • Check the history of digital assets to identify potential and actual conflicts and usage issues
  • Increase revenue and return on investment via visibility and control of user rights and permissions
  • Cut costs with consistent creation, management, and distribution of rich media and brand compliance
  • Attract socially networked, informed customers to secure loyalty and brand growth and sustainability
Digital Asset Management
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Digital Asset Management Software

Creating, Managing, Distributing Digital Assets

Explore how to manage rich media assets via efficient content creation, reuse, and repackaging for media networks and channels using SAP Digital Asset Management by OpenText. Drive operational excellence, enhance content creativity, optimize media management – and facilitate asset distribution with your media investment.

SAP Digital Asset Management

Oxford Economics: the New Digital Economy

Leverage opportunities in digital asset megatrends such as cloud, mobile, and social media technology. Use predictive analytics to identify market trends early – then transform products and services for current and emerging customers. Deploy safeguards to manage cyber attacks, piracy, and reputational damage.

Integrated Digital Asset Management

Integrate Digital Asset Management with CRM

Integrating digital asset management with SAP CRM enables you to collaborate with partners to create assets and streamline approvals, repurpose and identify digital assets for campaigns, automate and control brand usage, and gain visibility into all usage and rights.

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