Engage customers with service excellence

With 'the Customer Experience' becoming the key driver behind customer loyalty and therefore profitability, Customer Service teams have become a mission critical business function. We therefore invite you to immerse yourself in analyst whitepapers, case studies and expert blogs in order to skill up on the strategies, cultures and technologies that Customer Service departments are deploying in order to better engage with their customers.



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Explore Customer Service solutions

Our customer service software can help you deliver differentiated experiences – profitably.

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Contact Centre and Omni-Channel integration

Aberdeen Research explore and outline the business value and best practices of integrating the contact center with omni-channel programs in order to deliver a seamless customer experience across multiple touch-points.

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2014 Social Customer Engagement Index

In it's fourth edition: Social Media Today survey their audience on the use and effectiveness of social media tools for customer service. Get the report today!

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Field Service update: New business priorities

Explore the notion that field service organisations need to begin to identify how they can support better resolution rates and improve revenue opportunities alongside the wider service organisation

Moving to Cloud

Cardiff Council Moves to Cloud

Discover how SAP is helping The City of Cardiff Council to streamline customer service and deliver budget savings.

Customer Service gurus lend you their thinking caps via their latest blogs

6 Ways to Improve Customer Service Culture

Here are six steps to take that do work, steps I encourage my consulting clients to take to improve their customer service and customer experience...

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5 Ways to Avoid the Epic Fail

Here are six steps to take that do work, steps I encourage my consulting clients to take to improve their customer service and customer experience...

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What Makes A Great Customer Service Agent?

Here’s an interesting figure: 80% of companies believe that they provide a superior customer service but only 8% of their customers believe they actually provide a superior customer service...

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The Humanoid Future of Customer Service

You’ve already met Siri, the earnest, cheeky and sometimes hamfisted personal assistant built into your iPhone. Siri is revolutionary. She’s also a bit of a toy. Which is where her sister, Nina, comes in...

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The Customer Edge thought leadership series

Succint and actionable thought leadership blogs from Forbes, Ad Age, Business2Community and other leading industry contributors. This month's picks are to the right!

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Clever or Creepy: Is your Customer Service crossing the line?

Forbes' explores the notion that making use of customer information you’ve captured digitally can seem intrusive in the world of face to face customer service.

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What makes a great social Customer Service Agent?

Business2Community: There’s a disconnect today between what [social] customer service providers deliver and the expectations of their customers. Is your business one of the few that actually lives up to what it believes?

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Omnichannel? Why should Contact Centers care?

"One might think that the company had invested everything in their online store and retired the whole contact center: it was so difficult to get any answers via email or phone."

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