Quickly respond to changing consumer needs – with our software for food and beverage distribution

Gain a competitive edge in the fast-moving food and beverage distribution industry. Our software can help you get the flexibility you need to boost responsiveness, track products from suppliers to customers, analyse commodity price trends, and more.

  • Reduce costs with automated inventory records across your pipeline
  • Spot trends and make informed purchasing decisions for key commodities
  • Use analytics and mobile devices to better serve your customer operators
  • Monitor diesel prices for your fleet, and commodity prices for your buyers
  • Leverage track-and-trace capability to meet compliance requirements


Food service workers preparing ingredients
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Worker in a wholesale distribution warehouse

Charmer Sunbelt Group: Gaining a Mobile Edge

Hear how this leading U.S. wine and spirits distributor teamed up with SAP partner Liquid Analytics to deliver a mobile app to its sales force of 2,500. The app connects salespeople in the field to real-time, behaviour-driven information.

Shopping cart in a store managed with SAP Food and Beverage software

Chata Polska: Finding Value in Benchmarking

Learn how this wholesale distributor used SAP’s industry expertise and value engineering benchmarking data to evaluate its supply chain and retail merchandising processes. Now Chata can effectively close performance gaps with a long-term IT road map.

Delivery driver checking an order with SAP wholesale distribution software

Maines: Improving Bottom Line Results

See how Maines Paper and Food Service Inc., one of the largest foodservice distributors in the United States, is implementing financial best practices, automating processes, improving procurement, and realising productivity gains – with SAP ERP.

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