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  • "Ready - set - go: SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA with Si-Mohamed Said" >

    Core applications of SAP Business Suite are now generally available on SAP HANA - so customers can run their business better - with smarter business models, faster business processes and simpler business interactions. First live customers are beginning to collect the rewards for their fast and smart move to SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA.

  • "How Distributors Increase Income with Automated Rebates and Chargebacks" >

    Find out how smart retailers are recouping monies due through chargebacks, rebates, and other incentive programs – with auditors – using solution extensions from SAP. The SAP Incentive Administration and SAP Paybacks and Chargebacks applications help automate and streamline the complex processes involved.

  • "Streamline Planning and Reduce Business Risk with Reliable, Consolidated Data" >

    Discover the benefits of using theEdge edition of the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation application to streamline planning and reduce business risks. Designed for midsize companies, this application provides an integrated planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation solution that is user focused and process centric.

  • "Drive Medical Design and Manufacturing" >

    Drive Medical Design and Manufacturing is a leading provider of durable medical equipment. Read how it is successfully managing an annual growth rate of more than 25% while coping with complex, rapidly changing markets and channels with help from an SAP Business All-in-One solution.

  • "Solutions for Wholesale Distributors from SAP" >

    Take a look at how wholesale distributors are using SAP solutions to drive superior business performance – with tools, process support, and insight to run better. Streamline operations in ways that improve service levels, increase operational efficiency, and support greater collaboration with customers and vendors.

  • "Reprico: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Reprico, a leading distribution company for pharmaceutical products in Panama, needed to consolidate information, eliminate redundancy, and provide more reliable data for better, faster decision making. Watch this video to see why Reprico chose SAP Business One.

  • "Pedrollo" >

    Read how Pedrollo, a supplier of water pumps in Bangladesh, integrated business information across all its sales and distribution centers with SAP Business All-in-One. Employees can now make decisions more effectively, inventory levels have been decreased by 20%, and staff can serve the market more effectively.

  • "Solution in Detail: Wholesale Distribution: Innovating for Trading Companies" >

    Learn how SAP software can help wholesale distribution and trading companies innovate for efficient and profitable trading.

  • "Solution Overview: Wholesale Distribution: Supply Chain Planning and Execution" >

    Explore how leading wholesale distributors are managing demanding customers and complex supply chains with SAP software.

  • "Accelerate Invoice and Payment Transactions Between Customers and Suppliers" >

    Learn how you can simplify invoice and payment transactions between customers and suppliers with the agency business software in the SAP ERP application. Fully integrated with SAP ERP to help ensure streamlined invoice transactions, the agency business software lets you handle large quantities of data in a fast, reliable fashion.

  • "Treadsetters" >

    See how SAP Business One provides Treadsetters, a UK-based tire wholesaler, with the business control and transparency it needs to succeed in a tight margin business and build a global brand.

  • "Accelerate Business Intelligence Adoption with Interactive, Mobile Dashboards" >

    Learn how dashboard software from SAP helps you drive the adoption of business intelligence across your organization by letting you design and publish interactive, personalized dashboards that are mobile-ready on iPads and can be readily embedded wherever people need them.

  • "Landmark" >

    Find out how Landmark Australia was able to upgrade its SAP software in just five months. With the help of SAP Enterprise Support services and SAP Solution Manager. Landmark finished the upgrade on schedule and within budget.

  • "Build and Execute a Business Intelligence Strategy on the SAP HANA Platform" >

    Discover how to review your technology strategy to realize business process improvement. Hear how Maidenform Brands Inc. uses the SAP HANA platform and business intelligence to analyze its corporate reporting and performance management strategy.

  • "Solution Overview: Wholesale Distributors: Optimizing Profits for Wholesale Distributors" >

    Explore how leading wholesale distribution companies are moving toward true profitability with SAP software.

  • "SAP Business ByDesign for Subsidiaries: Overview of Functional and Technical Integration with Headquarters SAP ERP" >

    This paper focuses on the integration between SAP Business ByDesign and SAP ERP. It describes the six integration scenarios between SAP Business ByDesign and SAP ERP: data exchange, process integration, master data integration, analytics integration, IT management integration, and structured custom integration.

  • "IATCO" >

    See how this large logistics service provider – based in Saudi Arabia – decided to improve visibility into its transportation processes. By deploying the SAP Transportation Management and SAP ERP applications, the company got the transparency it needed, integrated its shipping processes, and improved data quality.

  • "Manage Your Trade Spend Effectively" >

    Hear how Ateeco Inc, the maker of Mrs. T's Pierogies, improved gross profit and significantly reduced overspend by streamlining its trade promotions processes. The company saw a 3% improvement in gross profit over operating plan, and increased incremental sales by an average of 10% per promotional event.

  • "Your Passport to Better Business Practices in Southeast Asia" >

    Learn about how SAP delivers localized solutions tailored to the key markets of Southeast Asia, supporting local laws, languages, currencies, and business practices. Country versions are designed for use by businesses with local operations – local companies as well as multinational corporations with subsidiaries.

  • "SAPPHIRENOW Day 2 - Social Media Wrap with host Kevin Cassidy" >

    The Daily Social Media Wrap-Up is a light-hearted conversation about SAPPHIRE NOW, Social Media & everything in between. Join SAP Community Manager Kevin Cassidy as he meets with various SAP Executives to examine the Social impact of SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP Social Tools/Offerings, what the future holds & more!.


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