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  • "Simplify Software Selection and Implementation by Using Best Practices" >

    Learn how the SAP Best Practices family of packages makes SAP Business All-in-One solutions more affordable, more flexible, and able to deliver faster time to value. Discover how the building-block approach of SAP Best Practices lets you address requirements now and as needs change.

  • "AGL Energy" >

    Read how Australian utility company AGL Energy deployed SAP Test Data Migration Server software to create test and training environments based on real business data. The company reduced costs and increased the quality of development and testing work by reducing nonproduction data volume by up to 90%.

  • "Manage Your Asset Retirement Obligations More Accurately" >

    Learn how you can automate managment of your asset-retirement obligations and increase the accuracy of your ledgers using the SAP Asset Retirement Obligation Management application. (SAP Insider, Jan - Mar, 2012).

  • "Save Costs for You and Your Customers with Smart Meter Data Insights" >

    Learn how SAP helps utilities better understand their customers. SAP Smart Energy Data Foundation software with SAP Smart Meter Analytics and SAP Customer Energy Management software lets utility companies run analytics against massive data volumes to perform granular customer analysis virtually in real time.

  • "CEMIG" >

    CEMIG is one of Brazil’s largest electricity providers. Read how it engaged SAP MaxAttention services to help ensure its SAP solutions achieve maximum performance and stability – establishing archiving and data volume management processes to optimize database usage.

  • "Meet the Needs of the Modern Customer: From Real Time to Right Time" >

    Customers have a wealth of devices and information at their fingertips, making them more powerful than ever. Meeting expectations is no longer enough; you need to exceed them in every interaction. Discover how the power of real-time interactions can help transform your sales and service operations into the "right-time" business for your customers.

  • "Mekorot" >

    Gain insight into how Israel’s national water company fortified its mobile platform with the Sybase Unwired Platform and SAP Afaria. The software helped the company to consolidate the operations for all of its geographic regions and establish a mobile solution that facilitated the work of its field crew.

  • "Achieve Business Transformation with Best-Practice Analytics: Webcast" >

    Drive better decision making with the latest in analytics solutions. Discover how innovations in predictive, visual, social, and mobile analytics are helping organizations like yours explore and interpret data in a variety of ways. And understand how you can use these innovations to deliver the best information to your teams.

  • "Kärntner Elektrizitäts-AG" >

    Kärntner Elektrizitäts-AG is an Austrian distributor of electricity, natural gas, and district heat. Learn how it provides customer service personnel with accurate and up-to-the minute data on the status of customers’ energy bills with support from SAP Mobile Asset Management.

  • "Publiacqua" >

    With the SAP Work Manager mobile app and the SAP Workforce Scheduling and the Optimization application by ClickSoftware, Publiacqua can keep its 200 technicians and subcontractors connected, delivering notifications, work orders, and updates to their mobile devices in real time.

  • "Solution in Detail: Utilities: Fuel Supply Chain Management" >

    Learn how SAP software can help utilities companies manage their fuel supply chain.

  • "Innovate Your Business: Adopt Mobile, Cloud, and Other New Technologies" >

    Consider and discuss the benefits and the challenges of the ways that your energy and natural resources business is changing through the adoption of new technologies, including mobile and cloud computing.

  • "Discover Best Practices for Integrated Planning and Profitability" >

    Learn how to drive a consistent view of profitability across actual and budget plans. See how the SAP Profitability and Cost Management and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation applications help. Hear from a company that transformed its planning and forecasting process in Excel and Hyperion software to an integrated approach with SAP solutions.

  • "The SAP Onboarding Guide for OEMs" >

    Use this in-depth guide as a reference for doing business with SAP as an OEM partner. Learn about everything required to get started and how to get fast, easy access to tools and resources to develop, implement, market, sell, and support world-class BI and EIM solutions to customers.

  • "National Grid" >

    Learn how an international electricity and gas supplier is relying on SAP BusinessObjects Access Control to automate risk analysis and compliance with segregation of duties (SoD) requirements. The firm has reduced compliance costs and the risk of internal fraud, while increasing management confidence in SoD reports.

  • "Protecting Your Applications from Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities" >

    Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a vulnerability typically found in Web applications. Through XSS, attackers have devised ways to inject client-side script into Web pages. Read this step-by-step guide to find out how you can protect your SAP applications.

  • "Solution Overview: Utilities: Customer Experience" >

    Explore how leading utility companies are delivering a better customer experience with SAP software.

  • "Social Responsibility at SAP - how we drive social impact globally with Joel Bernstein" >

    The interview will focus on SAP's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs to help improve people's lives and create positive social impact across the globe. We will highlight the groundbreaking initiatives we are driving in Education in North America, as well as, how SAP solutions, such as HANA, are being used to help solve pressing global problems related to issues such as climate change, crime, environmental sustainability and education.

  • "Anglian Water: 360-Degree Customer Video " >

    Hear how this leading utilities company is using SAP as part of its core IT strategy to help manage a widespread infrastructure and customer service and operations. The utilitiy is leveraging SAP Asset Management, SAP CRM, and Sybase Unwired Platform and Afaria – the right tools for their mobile workforce.

  • "Solution Overview: High Tech: Technology and Innovation - Enterprise Mobility" >

    Explore how leading information technology companies are incorporating enterprise mobility with SAP software.


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