Direct critical government programmes – with help from our federal government software

Provide the guidance and oversight needed to support federal government operations, considering economic, security, and global relations impacts. Our federal government software can help you meet the needs of your citizens day to day – and during times of adverse social, economic, or natural disasters.

  • Monitor policy, programme, service, and operational effectiveness
  • Collaborate within and beyond organisational and agency boundaries
  • Ensure compliance in various processes – contracts, procurement, taxpayer, and financials
  • Deliver shared services to achieve standardisation and economies of scale


Federal government building
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Federal government employees reviewing spend analytics

Improve Your Procurement Processes

How can you rationalize your supply base to generate savings while still meeting stakeholders' needs? With SAP Spend Performance Management. Identify ways to save, leverage buying power, and make the most of supplier relationships.

International gorvernment officials discuss how SAP federal government software is helping them comply with IPSAS

International Public Sector Accounting

Explore the impact and compliance aspects of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS). Read this SAP and Ernst & Young study to discover how our software can help you comply with IPSAS standards.

A team uses SAP federal government software to improve agency operations

Achieve Operational Excellence

Discover the full benefits of linking strategy to operations in this Palladium Group research paper. Learn how your government organisation can use this process to improve agency planning and programme effectiveness.

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