Become a best-run city – with help from our municipal government software

Get the support you need to become one of the best-run cities in the world. Our city government software can help you run smarter, safer, and greener – while addressing the eight key dimensions to municipal success: economy, good government, open society, sustainability, global attractiveness, human and social capital, financial expertise, and world-class infrastructure.

  • Improve city performance – leveraging the fundamentals of good governance
  • Empower city officials and employees to work anywhere, anytime, and from any device
  • Engage communities – encouraging them to build an open, diverse, and collaborative society
  • Deliver streamlined, innovative services that improve lives and city competitiveness
  • Enhance urban safety and security, for improved citizen, government, and business resilience


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Citizen Safety and Security

Achieve a new level of safety and security for your citizens. Our solutions for public safety can help you effectively address today's security challenges and anticipate, prevent, and prepare for future threats – with maximised visibility and faster responsiveness.

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Smarter City Governance

Explore our portfolio of solutions for city governments – from performance management to justice administration to intelligence analysis – and find out how we can help you increase transparency, facilitate community engagement, deliver innovative services, and more.

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Sustainable and Green Cities

Find out how our solutions for sustainability and our solutions for utilities can help cities and businesses conserve energy and reduce usage costs. Get ready to meet your sustainability goals – faster – through better energy management, analysis, and execution.

We can help.

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