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  • "SAPPHIRENOW Day 2 - Social Media Wrap with host Kevin Cassidy" >

    The Daily Social Media Wrap-Up is a light-hearted conversation about SAPPHIRE NOW, Social Media & everything in between. Join SAP Community Manager Kevin Cassidy as he meets with various SAP Executives to examine the Social impact of SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP Social Tools/Offerings, what the future holds & more!.

  • "Solution in Detail: Postal Services: Transportation Management for Postal Services" >

    Learn how SAP software can help postal companies manage transportation complexity.

  • "SAP Citizen Connect Mobile App" >

    Public sector organizations can now give citizens an easy way to report issues to local authorities. With this app, citizens can photograph, locate, and describe incidents on a mobile device.

  • "The Customer Experience Edge" >

    Read how across industries, companies are investing in technology and techniques for mapping high-quality and profitable customer experiences: identifying and creating innovative ways to close performance/expectation gaps in customer relationship management.

  • "Solution in Detail: Postal Services: Asset Operations and Management " >

    Learn how SAP software can help public sector organizations optimize asset cost and performance.

  • "The Fiscal Crisis – And How SAP Can Help" >

    Consider for a moment how SAP software can help your public sector organization deal with the many crises rife in the current economic landscape. Learn how the SAP for Public Sector solution portfolio supports growth and gives you financial and organizational transparency.

  • "SAP Urban Matters: Better Cities, Better Lives, Part 1: Overview Video" >

    Our cities are at the forefront of a rapidly changing world. Find out why our cities are so vital to improving the lives of people and to helping the world run better. The SAP Urban Matters initiative introduces some of the key challenges we face in our cities.

  • "Run Customs Inspections Better on a Real-Time Data Platform" >

    See how a real-time data platform helps to improve transactional risk assessment for goods and passengers entering a country. Learn how the New Zealand Customs Agency uses software from SAP in a detection system to identify high-risk individuals during the airline booking process or before a port is reached on cruise ships.

  • "Transform Business Models for Printing, Imaging, and Content Management" >

    Find out how innovative software for billing and revenue management can support pricing flexibility and scale as business takes off. Learn how Lexmark is transforming its business models to generate new revenue streams with cloud services.

  • "CEO Viewpoint: Co-Innovation and the Power of SAP Ecosystem and Partners" >

    SAP ecosystem and partners play a critical role in helping companies become best-run businesses. What's the secret? Join a panel featuring the CEO of Violin Memory Inc. and the president of Savvis as they discuss how the ecosystem fosters game-changing co-innovation and provides insight into new technology that is turning the world on its head.

  • "Innovate with Analytics in Public Services" >

    Discover how public services entities are using analytics to gain instant insight in the format they need for better decisions. Learn from a customer expert about how analytics helped the organization achieve better outcomes.

  • "Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation: Meet Our Customer Video" >

    Here how SAP Business One has given DTHF the control and insight that allows them to secure future funding from organizations by showing fund management, grant control and financial transparency, all whilst saving up to 400,000 Rand a year.

  • "Break Down Barriers and Invent New Possibilities" >

    Learn how the Wildlife Conservation Society broke down organizational silos to better manage conservation projects, research, and education programs. Hear how the society is adapting and advancing a solid enterprise resource management foundation to better collaborate with locations throughout the world.

  • "Ausgrid" >

    Find out how an organization committed to community safety and meeting the needs of a growing energy market effectively maintains assets, regularly upgrades infrastructure, and plans for future energy demand? For this Australian utility, the answer lay with using SAP solutions and engaging SAP experts to maximize value.

  • "Business Intelligence Functionality for SAP Business All-in-One Solutions" >

    Find out how the business intelligence functionality in SAP Business All-in-One solutions can help your company gain visibility, insight, operational alignment, and accountability. As a result, your firm can increase revenue, margins, and liquidity; streamline processes; improve agility; and become a best-run business.

  • "São Paulo State Treasury Department " >

    Find out how the São Paulo State Treasury Department devised a strategy to help inspectors quickly analyze taxpayer behavior, identify patterns, and proactively prevent tax evasion. Learn how SAP Sybase IQ server helps the department process hundreds of gigabytes of data in seconds, getting the fast answers it needs.

  • "Measure Your Data and Achieve Information Governance Excellence " >

    Read how you can effectively monitor, analyze, and report on data quality using SAP Information Steward to help improve efficiencies and lower costs. Learn how to get rid of incomplete, inaccurate, and inconsistent data and improve effectiveness of operational, analytical, and governance initiatives.

  • "Get the Most from SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions with SAP Sybase IQ " >

    Get an overview of how SAP Sybase IQ delivers high-performance analytics to power dashboards, scorecards, and ad hoc business reports in SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions to provide fast, cost-effective, mission-critical business intelligence.

  • "Solution in Detail: Public Sector: Emergency and Disaster Management" >

    Learn how SAP software can help public sector organizations effectively manage their multiphase response to emergencies and disasters.

  • "Municipality of Tel Aviv" >

    Learn how Israel’s second largest city transformed billing and collection processes for property tax and water with customer care, service, and billing software in SAP Business Suite, enabling the city to improve the timeliness and accuracy of billing and collections while increasing revenue to benefit its citizens.


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