Gain an edge in mill products with SAP software

Boost your profits without compromising safety or efficiency – with our software for the mill products industry. Reduce inventory with greater visibility into supply and demand. Accelerate order configuration processes for more timely deliveries. And reduce carbon output to lower your energy consumption. With SAP, you’ll also gain the insights you need to make better, faster decisions and meet change with agility.

Explore our mill products software
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Access SAP Solution Explorer

An interactive tool to select the right solution for Mill Products.

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Overview Video: SAP for Mill Products

Get the tools and technology you need to overcome tough challenges in the mill products industry – from reduced market demand and commodity price volatility to high production costs and stringent regulatory requirements – with proven SAP solutions.

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What is the top driver for growth in manufacturing?

4 out of 5 manufacturers believe disruptive technology will be the top growth driver in manufacturing. According to a recent survey with senior business decision makers in UK manufacturing companies.

Robot stacking hot ingots in aluminium foundry

Enabling Transparency and Revenue Growth

Nizi International chose SAP Commodity Management to help it manage commodity and foreign exchange risks and drive new business. By linking hedging and trade analysis, Nizi can make better, faster decisions. The investment paid off when Nizi started to trade aluminum.

SAP Conference on Asset Management

SAP Conference on Asset Management

In competitive global markets, it is essential that asset intensive organisations efficiently manage the entire asset lifecycle. October 5th & 6th 2015, Dusseldorf, Germany.