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  • "SAP Financial Asset Management: Subledger Accounting, Risk Control, and Statutory Reporting" >

    Subledger accounting that conforms to multiple accounting standards? Risk management? Compliant regulatory reporting? SAP Financial Asset Management offers insurance companies support for all this in a single solution. Read how it can help you perform efficiently in every area of asset management.

  • "Solution in Detail: Insurance: Delight Customers with Orchestrated Marketing " >

    Learn how SAP software can help insurance companies delight customers with orchestrated marketing.

  • "SAP's acquisition of Camilion: Overview Video" >

    Global Insurance Business Unit Head Bob Cummings talks about SAPs expanded insurance offering with the acquisition of Camilion. Hear about SAPs full insurance suite offering.

  • "Make Investment Management a Part of Your Insurance Transformation" >

    A sound investment management strategy is a crucial part of a successful financial transformation. Discover how Zurich Insurance Group Ltd. uses an integrated approach to innovate its global financial processes.

  • "Achmea: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    See how the biggest health insurance company in the Netherlands Achmea prepares for the future with SAP's complete insurance suite. It's started projects around SAP CRM and SAP mobility solutions and the company is also looking into SAP HANA software. Its goal is to become the most trusted insurance company in the Netherlands.

  • "Enhance Your Offerings with Next-Generation Business Analytics Solutions from SAP" >

    Find out how ISVs, OEMs, and software-as-a-service partners can use SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions to meet the challenge of an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Using fast, scalable, proven software, help customers improve performance and productivity.

  • "Business Intelligence Functionality for SAP Business All-in-One Solutions" >

    Find out how the business intelligence functionality in SAP Business All-in-One solutions can help your company gain visibility, insight, operational alignment, and accountability. As a result, your firm can increase revenue, margins, and liquidity; streamline processes; improve agility; and become a best-run business.

  • "AMIS" >

    Learn how the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS) streamlined data from its many different vendors. Learn how it used data management solutions from SAP to consolidate database information into a centralized repository for greater reliability, efficiency, and performance while reducing costs.

  • "Measure Your Data and Achieve Information Governance Excellence " >

    Read how you can effectively monitor, analyze, and report on data quality using SAP Information Steward to help improve efficiencies and lower costs. Learn how to get rid of incomplete, inaccurate, and inconsistent data and improve effectiveness of operational, analytical, and governance initiatives.

  • "Motivating and Rewarding Your Sales Force to Maximize Productivity and Revenue" >

    Read how SAP Incentive and Commission Management for Insurance helps companies maximize productivity, improve performance, and generate new sales. This SAP software makes it easier to quickly calculate and process commissions and incentives, along with changes in rules and rates, and keep salespeople motivated.

  • "Healthcare Payers Accelerate Business Performance with SAP Sybase IQ " >

    See how SAP Sybase IQ enables healthcare insurance providers to make better decisions faster and be more responsive to customers and the market. SAP Sybase IQ can drive the accelerated reporting performance and better insight that these organizations need to compete and grow.

  • "Boost Productivity, Savings, and Compliance and Go Mobile with Intuitive Electronic Forms" >

    Find out how SAP Interactive Forms software by Adobe extends the power of SAP solutions by helping you develop interactive, digital forms that can be directly integrated into business processes. The software enables you to automate paper-based business processes and extend the reach of enterprise applications.

  • "Solution in Detail: Insurance: Billing and Payments" >

    Learn how SAP software can help insurance companies with billing and payment processes.

  • "Internet of Things strategy & vision with Suhas Uliyar" >

    SAP Internet of Things end-to-end solution provides everything enterprise needs- M2M platform, apps, & connectivity - to connect machines, systems and people. The assimilation of this high volume of data and real-time predictive analytics powered by HANA enables you to act on intelligence that normally would be unavailable.

  • "Fraud Management – Coming Soon" >

    Detect fraud earlier – and improve prevention – with the upcoming release of SAP Fraud Management.

  • "Optimizing Business Insight: Content Management for Insurers" >

    Read how SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management by OpenText provides powerful features that insurance companies can use to maintain, manage, and integrate the structured and unstructured content that informs business processes. Gain competitive advantage, sustain profitable growth, and comply with regulations.

  • "AOK: 360 Degree Customer Video" >

    AOK is a leader for all mandated health insurance funds. Watch how it uses SAP HANA to analyze data for more than 6 million hospital cases each year – improving patient care and maintaining a competitive edge.

  • "SAP Convergent Invoicing: Product Demo" >

    This demo highlights the billing business process with an overview of the SAP Convergent Invoicing package.

  • "Insurance Fraud Management: Overview Video" >

    Learn how insurers lose millions of dollars every year to fraud. Uwe Hofstaetter, SAP solution manager, explains how SAP can help insurers to detect, investigate, and mitigate fraud.

  • "San Cristóbal" >

    Learn how San Cristóbal is helping to establish itself as a leader in the Argentine insurance sector by using SAP ERP to optimize administrative and operational processes and adopt best practices.


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