Business Intelligence and Analytics from the Consumer Experts

Get the latest information on the consumer products industry. Join the SAP Community Network, a gathering of consumer product industry experts sharing insights and opinions in online forums, blogs, and round tables.

SAP business intelligence and analytics
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SAP consumer experts

Find SAP Partners for Consumer Products Companies

Connect with SAP partners in the consumer product industry that are equipped to extend your solution to meet your unique business needs. Visit the SAP EcoHub marketplace to find the partner who’s right for you.

SAP business intelligence and analytics experts

Benchmark Yourself Against the Competition

Get immediate insight into how your consumer products company compares to others in your field. This IDC interactive industry report uses your information to provide a customised analysis of your company’s performance versus your competitors’.

SAP business consumer experts

Stop Wishing And Start Optimizing

In manufacturing supply chains can seriously impact agility and performance. While the pace of modern commerce offers businesses little hope, if any, for balancing those mismatches, there is significant opportunity for improving performance